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Discover new business opportunities with powerful and user-centric mobile apps delivered by one of the leading providers in the industry. With 15+ years of experience, SoftTeco offers full-cycle mobile app development services for clients of any kind, from seasoned enterprises to aspiring startups. 

Our Mobile App Development Services

SoftTeco offers end-to-end mobile apps development services, including design, integration, and app maintenance and support. We approach every project with a carefully planned strategy aimed at bringing your idea to life and reaching predefined business goals. Our mobile applications serve hundreds of businesses worldwide – contact us to request your perfect mobile solution.  

Native Mobile App Development

SoftTeco delivers ultimate user experience and unparalleled performance with high-quality native mobile applications. We have rich experience with both iOS and Android platforms and can create apps for platforms of any kind.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

For those who value cost efficiency yet need a great performance, we design feature-rich and powerful cross-platform applications. Our cross-platfom apps work equality well across various environments and allow you to greatly reduce development time and costs.

Embedded Software Development

We create high-performing fault-tolerant applications for embedded systems and we place primary focus on reliability and flexibility. Being well-versed in design and implementation of IoT systems, we understand what is expected from a great embedded application.

Wearables Software Development

SoftTeco creates user-centric apps for various wearable devices and ensures equally great performance on all platforms of choice. Our mobile apps for wearables are highly responsive and secure and are aimed at bringing maximal value to users. 

UX/UI Design

Design is a core component of our mobile application development services. SoftTeco’s UX/UI design team takes full care of creating a stunning design for your mobile application in full correspondence with your brand identity. We pay attention to the smallest details to make sure your app is as appealing as users expect it to be.

Mobile Testing

SoftTeco performs 360-degree round testing to ensure your mobile app is safeguarded against possible threats and performs in full compliance with expectations and requirements. We can also scan your app against vulnerabilities and risks and suggest areas for improvement. 

Consulting and Prototyping

We offer extensive consulting services to help our clients clarify the requirements and outline a project specification. As well, SoftTeco offers mobile app prototyping so you can see and test how the final product will look and perform.

& Prototyping

UX/UI Design

Native Mobile App

Embedded Software

Mobile Testing

Cross-Platform Mobile App

Wearables Software

Mobile App Development Technologies That We Use

SoftTeco strictly follows Apple guidelines on application development and delivers beautiful and swift iOS apps for various devices, including wearables and TVs.



Being proficient in Android application development, SoftTeco designs feature-rich and user-focused solutions aimed at bringing maximal value to end users.


Java for Android

SoftTeco designs swift and robust applications that run on different platforms and ensure excellent user experience combined with great performance.

React Native





Bring your customers closer and expand your services with a powerful mobile application delivered by SoftTeco. We use our extensive experience and knowledge to create memorable applications that users will love – contact us to request a quote!

Our Mobile App Solutions
for All Industries


Why Choose SoftTeco as Your Mobile Application Development Company?

Rich experience

With 15+ years of experience in the IT industry, SoftTeco is well-versed in the development of both iOS and Android applications as well as cross-platform products. We’ve witnessed the evolution of the mobile development industry, and we’ve been there to follow the trends and grow our skills. Today, we use our expertise to create state-of-art solutions that bring tangible value both to our clients and end users.

Skill set

Our development team is highly experienced with a variety of technologies that are used to create mobile applications for various platforms and devices. From an iPhone application to an app for a smart TV, we know how to make the app perform exactly as needed and how to provide exceptional mobile app design and development services.


In order for everyone to stay on the same page and to ensure that the development team 100% understands and follows your vision, we make the development process as transparent as possible. For that, we implement several practices that are aimed at retaining constant and transparent communication and at exchanging regular feedback so you always understand at what stage the project is and what is being done at the moment.

Efficiency and speed

As a well-recognized mobile application development company, SoftTeco successfully combines both fast delivery with outstanding results thus never sacrificing quality over speed. Our engineers follow the industry’s best practices on secure coding and software development to deliver the results within the defined timeframes and to ensure they match your expectations fully.

Self-organization and high level of engagement

When working with SoftTeco, you won’t need to worry about micromanagement. Our teams are highly self-organized and always show maximal involvement in the projects they work on. We know how to deliver outstanding results and we know how to organize the work process in the most efficient way possible.

What our clients say

It was a pleasure working with SoftTeco, as they met all my expectations. Their developers demonstrated deep technical expertise during the app development. I was fully satisfied with the final result and I’m willing to hire them again.

Innovative Technologies That Make SoftTeco’s Apps Stand Out

01 / 06

Artificial Intelligence

Use the power of AI-based algorithms to bring a competitive edge to your mobile app through automation, deep analysis of Big Data, accurate forecasting, and more.

02 / 06

Internet of Things

Monitor and manage your connected devices via an efficient and swift mobile application, and use collected data to make accurate business decisions.

03 / 06

Cloud Computing

Tap into scalability, flexibility, and security with cloud computing and let us help you move your mobile solution to a reliable cloud platform of choice.

04 / 06

Big Data

Maximize the value of your Big Data with a powerful tool for data analysis, visualization, and storage and use the collected insights to strengthen your business strategy.

05 / 06

Augmented Reality

Use the AR technology to improve employee training, add interactivity to your products, and create 3D prototypes.

06 / 06

Image Recognition

Use image recognition for optimizing processes within any field, be it healthcare, construction, or fintech.

smart mirror portfolio

Smart mirror

Innovative dental exam solution

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web
bubcon portfolio


A next generation mass-market messenger app

  • iOS
  • Android


How much does it cost to develop a mobile application in 2024?

There is no universal answer since the cost of developing a mobile application depends on multiple factors: app complexity, the number of needed integrations, the platform of choice, and many more. At SoftTeco, we always discuss your idea in detail, so we get a better understanding of your vision and can propose the most suitable mobile app solutions. Thus, we recommend talking to our specialist who will guide you through the development process and will be able to calculate the approximate price of your app.

What is better, a native or a cross-platform application?

It depends on your preferences, budget, and business goals. While native apps show better UI capabilities because they have preset components and libraries, cross-platform applications also display great performance and amazing UX. Thus, you first need to determine the platforms that your app will run on and how much time and resources you are willing to spend.

How long does it take to develop a mobile application?

While every project is individual, on average it might take between 3–10 months to deliver a fully functioning mobile application. If you need an application as soon as possible, SoftTeco suggests designing an MVP with core features only. In this way, you will be able to test your app idea with users and roll out a functioning product within a few months only. You will then be able to add the needed features “on the go” as we adjust the app based on the received feedback.

Why should I choose SoftTeco as the provider of mobile app development services?

SoftTeco is a well-recognized software development provider with a particular focus on mobile app development. Being ISO 27001 certified, we put security on the first place and know that a great app is highly user-centric. We approach the development of every mobile application with great care and always make sure that the development team and the client are on the same page and share the same vision. 

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