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Stress Testing Services

Ensure the stability and robustness of your software even in the conditions of extreme loads with SoftTeco’s stress testing services. By conducting precisely calibrated tests, we help optimize your app’s performance and ensure its stellar performance under any circumstances.

What Is Stress Testing?

Stress testing is an activity that belongs to the performance testing group and aims to identify how well software performs under extremely heavy loads. The main goal is to ensure that software remains robust, stable, and responsive both when the load is normal and exceeds expected volumes.

In this way, stress testing services help organizations prepare their software products for potential excessive loads and ensure their application will function properly without failing. This, in turn, contributes to great user experience and helps save the budget since you won’t react to an unexpected load but be ready for it.

Contact us to learn more about our stress testing service and how exactly SoftTeco carries out the process. 

Our Stress Testing Process


Requirements Collection and Analysis

In order to successfully test your software, we need to understand what exactly you want to test and what deliverables are expected. This will help us plan further actions correspondingly.


Creation of a Load Profile

For a successful stress testing, it is important to outline the load volume that will be used, its nature (continuous or spike-like), and functionality to test.


Definition of Metrics and Test Scripts

In parallel with the load profile creation, SoftTeco’s team will also define the metrics that are to be measured and will create the needed test scripts.


Test Environment Setup

Next, we will set up the test environment where the tests will be performed. This environment allows us to effectively emulate the load and monitor the app.


Running Test Scripts

During this stage, the actual testing happens. We will monitor the system’s performance closely and will identify when and why it fails and at what load volume.


Analysis of Results

The data collected during the previous stage helps us create a detailed report on the testing results. This report will contain actionable suggestions on how to improve the performance.

When Do You Need Stress Testing Services?

While you can stress-test your software at any time, there are several cases when these services come in especially useful:

When your app is in pre-production

Test how the system will act in unplanned situations and during load peaks.

After implementing big updates

Test if these updates/changes brought any unexpected issues and whether the app remains stable.

When migrating to a new infrastructure

Evaluate how the app acts in a new environment and whether there are any compatibility issues.

During the scaling process

Evaluate how well the system handles the growing load volume and what should be optimized.

Safeguard your mission-critical application against potential failures with our stress testing services and benefit from 24/7 security and stability.

Stress Testing Deliverables

SoftTeco pairs our stress testing services with detailed documentation, which adds visibility to our services and makes them measurable:

A list of performance requirements
User scenarios
Required load profiles
Test scripts
Selected tools
Metrics & report

Why Choose SoftTeco for Stress Testing Services?



With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry and in software testing, SoftTeco combines best practices and gained expertise to deliver unparalleled services to our clients.



SoftTeco deploys a recognized quality management system recognized by ISO 9001 certification to ensure the highest quality of our services.



Security is the cornerstone of all our projects. Being an ISO 27001 certified company, we guarantee the integrity and security of your data during our stress testing services.



SoftTeco is driven by innovation and we bring it to all our projects. We help companies undergo a digital transformation in a hassle-free manner, bringing them to new heights.

Answering the Main Questions About Stress Testing

Are stress testing services safe for my software?

Yes, stress tests are safe for the software if your vendor performs all needed actions beforehand. At SoftTeco, we always estimate potential risks and create a plan on handling them (if they occur). We also perform all tests in a separate environment, so the results do not impact your business operations. Finally, we take care of creating backups so we can safely roll your system back, if needed.

Why should I choose SoftTeco as my software vendor?

With a strict focus on quality and security, SoftTeco is an international and well-recognized provider of software development services, including extensive testing services. Relying on ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certificates, we work by a thorough approach that allows us to achieve high results and bring tangible value to our clients.

How effective are stress testing services by SoftTeco?

Being a certified AWS partner, SoftTeco performs stress testing in the cloud, thus simulating excessive load that might occur in real life. Hence, we can simulate any number of users that you need – just tell us about your objectives and we will come up with the best solution.

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