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Cloud Migration Consulting

SoftTeco helps business owners securely move their data and applications to the cloud while retaining the data integrity and maintaining zero downtime. To select the right solution for your business needs, we provide cloud migration consulting services to better understand the scope of work and create a detailed migration plan

SoftTeco’s Cloud Migration Consulting Services

Strategy Consulting

In order to select the best solution for your individual needs, we need to understand your business objectives and goals as well as evaluate your existing product. 

Assessment of the existing product 
Definition of the client’s goals and objectives
Definition of the required skills and training
Analysis of the available options

Infrastructure Assessment

Infrastructure migration may be challenging if not approached properly. To ensure there will be no glitches during the migration, we carefully evaluate your current infrastructure and outline the resources and skills needed for a seamless transition.

Assessment of the existing infrastructure and software
Planning of the new infrastructure integration into the existing system
Evaluation of the needed resources 
Creation of a risk management plan

Cloud Cost Optimization Consulting

It often happens that the current client’s solution drains too much budget and resources. The SoftTeco’s team can help you select a cloud solution that will optimize your current costs while retaining the same, if not higher, level of performance. Learn more about our Cloud Consulting Services.

Monitoring of current expenses in order to define areas for improvement
Feasibility assessment
Calculation of expected ROI and TCO
Definition of KPIs and ways of achieving them

Technology Selection

With a variety of available providers, it might be challenging to select the one perfect for your specific business need. During your cloud migration consulting, SoftTeco will carefully evaluate your existing product, align it with your business goals and will propose a solution based on your needs. See all our Technologies/Cloud Solutions.

Evaluation of the current project and its analysis
Proposal of the most suitable tech stacks 
Definition of the migration approach and strategy
Definition of roles and responsibilities

Migrate your business to the cloud and tap into unparalleled security and efficiency. SoftTeco will help you not only choose the most suitable solution but will take full care of the migration process, thus allowing you to focus on other critical tasks.

Technologies that We Work With


Amazon Web Services

SoftTeco is a certified partner of the AWS Partner Network and excels at delivering enterprise-grade cloud solutions via extensive AWS capabilities.


Microsoft Azure

SoftTeco has rich experience in using Microsoft Azure services and recommends this option in the first place when your project involves the .NET tech stack. It is also suitable for projects with Machine Learning and IoT.


Google Cloud

When you need access to a variety of cloud services, Google Cloud might be your platform of choice. Our team perfectly knows its way around the platform and can quickly deliver the required solution.



SoftTeco is highly experienced in using the DigitalOcean services and can effectively design and deliver the needed solution. This option is the most affordable one and is great for POC and MVP projects.

Why Choose SoftTeco for Cloud Migration Consulting?

Solid security
Quick delivery
Rich experience in the IT industry
Pitch-perfect UX/UI
Fast response time

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