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Telecom Software Development Services

As your trusted telecom software company, SoftTeco provides technological assistance to telecommunication companies across the globe. You know what tech innovations your company needs to excel – we know how to implement them.

The telecommunications industry is an incredibly fast-growing one and telecom companies need to adopt digital transformation if they wish to remain competitive and retain their customers while attracting new ones. Despite being centered around technology, many telcos need yet to embrace the tech innovations that the IT industry has to offer – and this is where SoftTeco steps in.

With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, our company knows how to augment telecom enterprises with state-of-art solutions.

We know about the possible pain points and are ready to propose effective solutions. Contact us and we will gladly walk you through.

SoftTeco’s Telecom Software Services

We know that a telecommunications industry is a demanding one, and SoftTeco has the needed expertise and skills that can help you configure the network and operations exactly how you need. Discover a range of services that SoftTeco provides:


Custom Enterprise Development

SoftTeco creates enterprise-grade solutions for telecommunication to meet the needs of telecom companies in the most effective manner. We provide API development, third-party integrations, and custom telecom software development – just name your business objective, and we will find the right solution.


OSS (Operations Support System) Development

SoftTeco offers a variety of telecom software solutions for your operational support system to assist you in seamlessly managing and configuring your network. From survive provisioning to network planning, we take care of all aspects of OSS, so you can establish a robust and secure network.


BSS (Business Support System) Development

Benefit from automated and intelligent management of your operations with SoftTeco. We make your processes more organized, accurate, and effective by using state-of-art technologies which can also help you better manage your clients.


Business Intelligence and Analytics

As a trusted telecom solution provider, SoftTeco can help you gain better control over the data by designing and implementing complex data warehouses and by offering powerful BI tools for in-depth data processing. Always know the state of your business with our tech assets.



IoT Development

Provide better connectivity to your customers and improve the visibility of assets via remote, IoT-based monitoring. SoftTeco designs sophisticated and powerful IoT apps to help you connect all needed devices into a single and seamless digital system.


DevOps Engineering

Our DevOps engineers will help you eliminate the gap between your IT and operations departments and will speed up the delivery, automate testing, and increase the overall quality of your services by streamlining all requested processes.


Cloud Development

Tap into security and scalability with SoftTeco’s cloud development services. Being a certified Amazon partner and having solid experience with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean, we deliver superior cloud experience.

Discover new opportunities for growth and augment communications with SoftTeco’s advanced tech solutions, aimed at delivering excellence.

Telecom Software Solutions That We Deliver

The telecommunications industry calls for the use of advanced solutions that help organizations meet their clients’ expectations and remain competitive. Here are the main solutions that SoftTeco offers – and remember that we can tailor them precisely to your objectives:

OSS Solutions

We design solutions for your OSS to help you easily manage all technical aspects of the network and its infrastructure.

  • Custom VoIP solutions 
  • Network inventory
  • Service provisioning
  • Protection against fraud
  • Network component tracking

BSS Solutions

SoftTeco helps telcos seamlessly run their business and customer-related operations by deploying technology for running daily processes.

  • Custom CRM systems
  • Billing systems
  • Self-service portals for clients
  • Revenue management
  • Customer order management

Data-Driven Solutions

Discover the full power of your data and use it to make more accurate business decisions and manage clients in a personalized manner.

  • Multiple data visualization formats
  • ML-based predictive analytics
  • Secure and powerful data warehousing
  • Business Intelligence tools
  • Advanced reporting and analytics

Value That SoftTeco Delivers

Enhanced Customer Relationships

Implementation of technology allows telcos to speed up the delivery of services to end customers, gain a better understanding of clients’ needs, and provide excellent customer service. Altogether, this leads to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved Network Management

Proper network management includes dozens of complex processes – technology makes them more organized and effective. By leveraging automation and DevOps, telecom companies can significantly cut down their operational costs while increasing ROI and employee engagement. 

Reduced Operating Costs

Automation of processes and wise resource allocation and planning allow telcos to better manage their resources and, as a result, reduce operating costs. Those companies that invest in technology tend to see an increase in ROI and in customer loyalty since they manage to provide better services at lower costs.

Competitive Edge

In today’s digitization era, it is crucial to not only keep up to clients’ expectations but exceed them, and technology is a way to do so. By investigating the available data and collecting valuable insights, telecom companies can use these insights to their advantage and build up a solid marketing strategy.


Why should I partner with SoftTeco?

As an ISO-certified company and a certified Amazon Partner, SoftTeco brings the highest level of security and quality to all our products. We approach the telecommunications software development with a great level of transparency and clarity, and we always aim at establishing a trustful relationship with our clients and partners. We view people as our biggest value, and such an approach helps us constantly grow and remain a well-recognized, reliable company.

Do you provide QA services?

Yes, our telecom software company offers quality assurance services to support your telecom solution development while also ensuring there are no bugs and glitches in the final version of the product. We perform both manual and automated testing and use advanced testing tools to test your product at every stage and minimize the occurrence of any issues while also maintaining a high level of security.

How can DevOps benefit my business?

DevOps stands for development and operations and helps bridge the gap between IT and operations. Through automation and implementation of technology, DevOps allows to quicker deliver the final product, automatically test the code, and keep everyone on the same page and equally involved in the project.

What custom telecom solutions do you provide?

SoftTeco designs various software products for telecom companies, including OSS and BSS services. We develop customized VoIP solutions, custom IPTV applications, CRM systems, and predictive analytics models. Just tell us what exactly you need and we will propose the most suitable solution within your budget and deadlines.

Why Choose SoftTeco as Your Telecom Software Company?

Solid security
Pitch-perfect UX/UI
Rich expertise
Fast response time
Quick delivery

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