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Code Review Services

Rest assured in high quality of your software with SoftTeco’s all-round code review services. Let our experts bring your software to perfection and never doubt in the quality of shipped product.

Why Do You Need Code Review?

Code review as a service is a process aimed at detecting bugs, finding vulnerabilities, and increasing the quality of the final product. 

When independent IT experts analyze your code, they not only help you find issues, but also provide valuable suggestions on further improvements. This, in turn, can help you improve the quality of your software as you will know what exactly calls for optimization. 

SoftTeco’s Code Review Services

SoftTeco’s developers have rich experience in conducting reviews of various levels of complexity. We also support the most used programming languages and always adjust our services to your budget, deadline, and needs.

Static Application Security Testing

Helps identify:

  • Issues with encryption
  • Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities
  • Input validations
  • Buffer overflows
  • Code injection vulnerabilities

Manual Code Review

Helps check:

  • Session management
  • Auditing and logging mechanisms
  • Connection strings security
  • Obfuscation
  • Serialization filtering

Comprehensive Review

We offer all-round review that checks code scalability, quality, and supportability:

  • Vital metrics
  • Analysis of the architecture
  • Performance, memory usage
  • Tests coverage 
  • Maintainability analysis and recommendations
Code Review Services

Architecture Review

To keep your project maintainable, reliable, and secure, we review its architecture:

  • Creation of a review template
  • Definition of objectives and goals
  • Definition of metrics
  • In-depth tech review
  • Performance of risk storming

Test Coverage Review

Ensures that your code is thoroughly tested:

  • Use of various test coverage techniques
  • Definition and monitoring of test coverage metrics
  • Creation of test coverage matrix
  • Implementation of requirements traceability
  • Removal of redundant code

Code Smell Screening

For better code efficiency and readability, we perform code smell screening:

  • Detection and elimination of the most common code smell types
  • Refactoring
  • Actionable recommendations on code optimization
  • Review of consistency of naming conventions
  • Creation of documentation

Technical Debt Review

Helps reduce the amount of extra work help and cuts down the costs:

  • Evaluation of technical debt and its severity
  • Choice of the most suitable method to eliminate the debt
  • Assistance with sprints balancing
  • Implementation of CI/CD upon the request
  • Debugging and refactoring

Get an expert code review to enhance security and quality of your software and use our recommendations to establish robust coding standards.

Metrics That Help Us Measure Code Quality

To ensure that your code meets quality and security standards and provides needed scalability and maintainability, we use specialized metrics. They help us understand the efficiency of our code review services and indicate what areas of your code call for optimization.

Maintainability Index

Ease of code maintenance


Cyclomatic Complexity

Structural complexity of the code

Cyclomatic Complexity
Cyclomatic Complexity

Class Coupling

Efficiency of code design

Class Coupling
Class Coupling

Depth of Inheritance

Ease of modification

Depth of Inheritance
Depth of Inheritance

Benefits of Code Review

Increased Consistency

When the code is consistent, it directly impacts the product performance and user experience. As for the internal benefits, consistent code means that all team members can easily catch up with the project, if needed, which will have a positive impact on the speed of delivery.

Better Security

Due to early detection of issues and vulnerabilities, you are able to timely fix the issues and to not let a single error slip into the production. This greatly impacts the security of the final product. 

Unbiased Opinion

It might be hard to accurately analyze a code that one has been working on for a long time. Thus, partnering with independent developers is an excellent way to receive unbiased opinion. External software engineers might be able to spot the tiniest issues that you might have missed.

Quality Maintenance

Code review is not only about fixing current issues but also about providing recommendations on further improvements. Thus, you will be able to adjust your strategy, establish or update your coding policies, and produce and maintain better software in the future.

Why SoftTeco?


Speed of Services

SoftTeco always adjusts code review services to your needs and can deliver the results precisely in needed time. In case of an urgency, we can perform the review in approximately 4 hours, so you can start immediately working on the improvements – or delegate the work to our developers.


Flexibility of Pricing

If you need an expert review but are not sure about its cost, leave your worries behind! SoftTeco offers various options suitable for any budget, so every client receives professional services aligned with their budget.


Various Degrees of Detail

Our company can always scale the process in terms of complexity. In this way, you can request a more detailed analysis and receive a holistic view of the quality of your software and potential issues.

What our clients say

Eric Jesse

SoftTeco is the first IT vendor that I’ve worked with and I am 100% satisfied with our partnership. The team was very professional and always put an extra effort to ensure the final product adheres to the expectations.

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