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Oil and Gas IT Solutions

SoftTeco offers intelligent oil and gas IT solutions that utilize the most advanced technologies to streamline, speed up, and optimize your operations through all stages. Gain more control and knowledge of every process while cutting down operating and maintenance costs.

SoftTeco’s Oil and Gas Technology Solutions

Operational Analytics

SoftTeco grants you full control over your data and lets you derive insights on any needed subject, be it reservoir and well data or equipment performance analytics. 

  • Advanced drilling analytics
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Equipment performance
  • Data collection and storage
  • Operating costs analytics
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Supplier Management

Streamline your supply chain management and minimize potential risks while adding visibility and transparency to your interactions with supplies.

  • Custom portals for suppliers
  • Automation of the purchasing process
  • Smart risk management
  • Integration with needed systems
  • Accurate inventory management

Project Management

Replace legacy processes with digital alternatives and make your capital project management faster and more accurate with SoftTeco’s software solutions, tailored to your individual needs.

  • Risk management
  • Advanced project reporting
  • Predictive analytics 
  • Project scheduling
  • Document management
Data Science
Data Science

Reservoir Management

Due to their nature, reservoirs might be hard to manage and monitor – this is why SoftTeco offers advanced oil and gas software solutions to facilitate the process.

  • Remote reservoir monitoring
  • VR-based reservoir modeling
  • Analysis of seismic activity 
  • Big data analysis and processing
  • Collection of geological data

Data Storage and Visualization

Oil and gas companies usually process and store massive amounts of various data and all this data needs to be presented in a clear manner, so you can draw valuable insights from it. 

  • Various data visualization methods
  • Powerful data lakes and data warehouses
  • Enhanced security of the data
  • Real-time collection of seismic data
  • Machine learning models for data processing
data storage

Predictive Maintenance

Keep your equipment up and running and timely identify any issues or warning symptoms with SoftTeco’s predictive maintenance solutions, powered by advanced technologies.

  • Machine Learning for smart maintenance
  • IoT for real-time data collection
  • VR-based equipment maintenance
  • AR-based repair instructions and tips
  • Smart maintenance planning and scheduling
Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance

Remote Monitoring

Maintain 24/7 real-time monitoring of your drilling process with our intelligent software solutions aimed at helping you manage the needed operations remotely and at lower risks.

  • Remote monitoring of the drilling process
  • Automated notifications/warnings
  • VR and AR technologies for reservoir modeling
  • Reduced risks due to ML-powered well analysis
  • IoT for immediate risk detection and notification

VR and AR Training

Reduce any possible risks from training and improve the quality of your employees’ work by introducing Virtual and Augmented Reality for training purposes.

  • Safety and emergency training
  • Improved equipment maintenance
  • Introductory and operational training
  • Improved knowledge management
  • Safer learning and working environment

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Save energy, reduce risks, and cut down operating costs with SoftTeco’s powerful digital solutions that help oil and gas enterprises worldwide work smarter.

Oil and Gas Software Solutions for All Segments of O&G Industry

SoftTeco designs high-performing oil & gas solutions for all stages of the production process. Discover our oil and gas IT services:


SoftTeco provides IT solutions for oil and gas industry that improve the safety of the oil and gas exploration and production process and improve the drilling process accuracy and reservoir management:

Collection and analysis of seismic data
Digital twinning for performance optimization
Remote reservoir monitoring
Automated oil and gas exploration


We help organizations improve their pipelines and infrastructure for transportation and storage of resources, as well as optimize all related logistics processes:

Smart inventory management
IoT for real-time transportation data collection
Customized ERP systems
Cloud computing 


SoftTeco helps automate and facilitate the process of transforming oil and gas into finished products and offers an extensive range of solutions:

Predictive analytics and forecasting
Smart maintenance of equipment
Robotic Process Automation
ML-powered models

Technologies Behind SoftTeco’s Digital Oil and Gas Solutions

Innovation is driven by the most advanced technologies and at SoftTeco, we have a solid understanding and experience with the latest innovations of the tech world. Discover how these technologies can help you:

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Internet of Things

  • Improved workers’ safety
  • Remote monitoring
  • Real-time data collection
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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Artificial Intelligence

  • Better decision-making
  • Predictive, prescriptive and cognitive analytics
  • Discovery of new exploration methods
  • Increased ROI

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Big Data

  • Collection of valuable insights
  • Optimized production process
  • Accurate training of ML models
  • Reduced carbon footprint

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Robotic Process Automation

  • Increased safety of workers
  • Increased speed of operations
  • More accurate inspection and surveying
  • Elimination of human errors

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3D Modelling

  • Better reservoir management
  • Optimized exploration and production
  • Better risk assessment
  • Increased performance of assets

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Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • Safe employee training
  • Downhole imaging
  • Better interactions between people and machines
  • More productive learning

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Cloud Computing

  • Secure data storage
  • Increased scalability
  • Advanced analytics
  • Better decision-making
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Why Choose SoftTeco?

Solid security
Quick delivery
Rich experience in the IT industry
Pitch-perfect UX/UI
Fast response time


How does digitization help oil and gas companies?

Digitization brings multiple benefits to oil and gas companies and the biggest ones are automation, business intelligence, predictive analytics and maintenance, and real-time data collection. Since the industry involves many risks, it is crucial to use digital oil and gas solutions that would help avoid or at least minimize those risks. And advanced technologies are a key to that.

Do you create software solutions for all stages of oil and gas production process?

Yes, SoftTeco offers the development of oil and gas IT solutions for upstream, midstream, and downstream stages of oil and gas production process. From remote reservoir monitoring to intelligent logistics, we cater to all possible needs of oil and gas enterprises and help find the most effective solution for every client.

Can I hire just one developer for my team?

Sure! SoftTeco provides various engagement models and if you need just one or several developers, staff augmentation is your choice. In this way, you are simply adding the needed talents to your team, thus closing the skill gap and retaining full control over the project.

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