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MVP Development Service

SoftTeco can help you create a successful MVP and speed up the launch of your product. We have sufficient expertise due to our 15 years on the market and can offer excellent MVP development services. Whether you want to improve your business with a customized MVP or add new functionality to the current product, SoftTeco will assist you in any way possible.

MVP Development Services that SoftTeco Offers

MVP Development Consulting

SoftTeco offers profound research around your business idea and market environment to create a solid product development strategy. Using thorough business analysis and modern technologies, a dedicated team of professionals will set up project requirements and feature prioritization, choose an efficient tech stack, and estimate the development time and cost.

Idea validation

To reduce risks and validate the concept of your idea, SoftTeco conducts market research as a part of MVP development services. We listen to our clients and help them turn their vision into reality. SoftTeco’s specialists use both qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate the market needs, perform competitor research and SWOT analysis, and provide you with comprehensive reports and personalized strategic ideas.

Custom MVP Development

As a full-cycle MVP development company, SoftTeco will help transform your breakthrough idea into reality. Using cutting-edge technologies and open source solutions, a dedicated team of our professionals will design a custom minimum viable product, perfectly suitable for your business needs, user base growth and swift launch in market.

Converting the MVP into a full-scale product

The project managers and business analysts at SoftTeco can assist you in making the switch from MVP development to the development of a full-fledged product with all needed features and add-ons. They will help you in setting a development roadmap, planning project scaling, and prioritizing pain points that need to be addressed in the core product. That will help you meet your target audience’s expectations and bust the growth of your business.

Why You Need to Create MVP

A minimum viable product (MVP) is the earliest shippable software version. It contains only the essential features and has enough appeal to attract your target audience. The key goal of MVP development is to receive valuable feedback from users and start getting a profit early on. Thus, creating a minimum viable product after the prototype stage is a great choice for any business. Once an MVP is launched, it can be gradually upgraded with new features until it becomes a full-fledged product. Creating an MVP will help you:

Launch the product faster
Optimize costs
Validate your idea
Endpoint protection
Attract investments
Collect valuable feedback from your target audience

Test your unique idea on the market and bring your dream project to life quickly and efficiently. SoftTeco will help you create a Minimum Viable Product that meets your needs.

Why You Should Choose SoftTeco as MVP Development Company?

SoftTeco offers a wide range of top-tier MVP development services and aims to help your business develop your initial idea and create a tailored solution that will satisfy you and your clients. Choosing our company comes with great benefits:

Builds your product quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money in the process
Helps you resolve any issues and answer all questions that you might have
Uses advanced and modern tech stack to create your dream app
Conclude a support contract and we continue maintaining and improving your MVP after the launch
Ensures that your MVP will seamlessly work in real life and under any conditions

Minimum Viable Product Development Stage-by-Stage


Discovery and planning

During the discovery and planning stage, a dedicated team will brainstorm and develop your idea, conduct market research, gather insights, analyze risks to help you refine your value proposition, and identify what features will make the most sense for your customers.


Prototype creation

SoftTeco’s developers will create an interactive, clickable prototype based on use cases to show how users will interact with your interfaces, test every flow and collect early feedback. It is also a good way to start selling your idea to investors and potential audiences.



This stage focuses on minimum viable product architecture design, elicitation of performance, security requirements, selecting tech stack, and identifying tech challenges.


MVP Development

As an experienced MVP development company, SoftTeco is committed to providing prompt and faultless delivery. Using the latest tools and best practices, our skilled developers code quickly and neatly, so you can be sure that your product will be delivered on time.


Quality assurance and optimization

Quality assurance is an essential component of our MVP development services. To ensure that it meets your and your customers’ expectations, SoftTeco will conduct thorough testing to figure out what needs to be improved and optimize the product accordingly.


MVP launch and further support

A minimal viable product is only an early step on the way to developing a solution that would fully meet your business’s needs. After the public launch, a dedicated team will collect critical user feedback to transform your MVP into a fully-fledged product.

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What our clients say

Gagan Chaudhari

I’d like to thank the development team for their exceptional skills and knowledge due to which we successfully launched the app and now receive largely positive feedback from our users.


What is a minimum viable product?

A minimum viable product is a version of a product or service developed with just enough features to be usable by early customers. Based on the users’ feedback, MVP can be adapted and improved over time as the product gains traction and sales. Once it has proven to be successful and has gained market share, it can be transformed into a product that can be mass-produced and marketed to a larger audience. 

How to build a minimum viable product?

Building a minimum viable product involves creating a product with the most essential features and functionality, so you can quickly test and refine it based on user feedback. This can be done through market research, prototyping, and user testing. It’s important to identify the core features and functionality that are necessary for the product so you can focus on those first. After the launch, you can continue to refine and add features as needed.

Why is minimum viable product important?

A minimum viable product allows you to quickly test and validate your product idea before investing too much time and money into development. It also allows you to release a product sooner. As your product gains sales, you can use the revenue from current customers to perform more market research, add features that users want, and invest in marketing to a broader audience. Not to mention that with MVP you’re already building a user base. It will help you establish your own market that is ready and willing to try your newest and latest products.

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