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Cloud Consulting Services

Tap into endless cloud possibilities and reimagine the way your organization functions with SoftTeco’s cloud consulting services. From migration to full app development, we will support you at every step of your digital transformation journey.

SoftTeco’s cloud computing consulting services help businesses across various industries start their digital transformation and redesign their workflows in a more secure and scalable manner. By following industry best practices, we help you adopt the solution of choice without intervening with the performance of your business and without infringing the integrity of your data. We take care of all cloud-related activities, be it migration, integration, or optimization of an existing app – just tell us what you need and we will find the best solution.

SoftTeco’s Cloud Services Solutions

Consulting and Strategy

SoftTeco offers cloud services consulting to help you understand what exact solution will meet your needs the best and whether you are receiving the maximal value from your current solution. Our experts perform a thorough audit of your infrastructure and digital assets to evaluate how ready your organization is for cloud adoption and what exactly needs to be done.

Cloud Migration

If you are ready to migrate your existing application to the cloud, SoftTeco will readily set up the process and will assist you at every step to maintain the data integrity and to ensure that the app’s performance is not disrupted. We can also set up the CI/CD process for faster delivery and can review the app’s infrastructure for better scalability and performance.

Cloud Development

As a dedicated cloud services company, SoftTeco designs native applications from scratch by following the industry best practices and established in-house procedures. With rich experience in working with various cloud providers, we create apps that are 100% compatible with requirements of a specific cloud platform and that have all requested functionality.

Application Modernization

Do you have a legacy cloud application that is underperforming, or do you need to review your current infrastructure? SoftTeco offers modernization services aimed at reviewing your existing solution and proposing the best ways to improve its performance and security. We also offer UX/UI design and audit of your resources so you use them to their fullest potential.

Cloud Security

Security is a crucial aspect to focus on when creating cloud solutions, and SoftTeco follows a rigid security strategy to make sure your app is safeguarded against potential internal and external threats. We follow security guidelines from cloud providers and in-house security best practices to implement security at every stage of the development process.

Disaster Recovery

Anything might happen – and you must be ready for it. This is why SoftTeco offers disaster recovery services to enable you to immediately react to any issue and recover as fast as possible. The services include the development of a risk management strategy, security training, and backup creation – all set up to get your business going without any major losses.

Discover the ways in which cloud adoption can grow your business and start your digital transformation today.

Cloud Types That SoftTeco Works With

At SoftTeco, we understand that different businesses have different requirements and needs. Hence, we offer various types of cloud deployment that you can choose from:

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Public Cloud

Delegate infrastructure setup and security to a third-party provider and benefit from a variety of available services with public cloud. SoftTeco has rich experience in working with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean, and can help you select and set up a perfect cloud solution at minimal costs and efforts. 

  • Near-endless scalability
  • Automated updates and patches
  • Cost-efficiency
  • High accessibility

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Private Cloud

If your organization calls for the ultimate security level and you need to have zero-latency applications, then private cloud is your product of choice. Our cloud consulting company can design and set up a private and fully customizable cloud for your specific organization, making sure its functionality meets your needs and that you have full control over its access and user roles.

  • Unparalleled level of security
  • High customization and flexibility
  • Full control over the product
  • Business-specific functionality

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Hybrid Cloud

Enjoy the best of two worlds by deploying a hybrid cloud solution. By combining your own private cloud, public clouds, and your on-premises setup, a hybrid cloud offers both great security and scalability together with cost efficiency and full control. Trust SoftTeco with implementing your solution and benefit from the value it brings.

  • A high level of security
  • Great flexibility and scalability
  • Unified management of all services
  • Efficient traffic management

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If you need a siloed workload but still want to benefit from both private and public clouds, then multi-cloud is your choice. A multi-cloud combines approaches from private and public clouds but manages vendors separately and does not share the data across processes. This adds up to the level of security and brings immense flexibility.

  • Various services for various departments
  • Easy switching between vendors
  • Strategic location of data centers
  • Reduced downtime and costs

Benefits of Our Cloud Computing Consulting Services

Reduced Costs

When planning your migration or app development strategy, we always do it in a way to avoid any extra unexpected costs at the end of the project. That being said, we focus on quality and security from the very beginning, so there is no need to redesign or re-develop certain elements when the product is ready for the release. 


Being an ISO 27001 certified company, SoftTeco pays utter attention to security of our solutions. We have rich experience in setting up cloud services and we consider specific aspects of every provider when doing so. In this way, we follow a unique approach to every project in terms of security and thus guarantee robust protection against threats.

Fast Delivery

Due to CI/CD implementation, SoftTeco’s processes are set up in a way to guarantee fast delivery without any delays. We perform continuous integration and delivery, paired with automation of processes, to achieve the best results in minimal time. Also, we use available ready-made tools to speed up the development process in case the project allows so.


When working on your cloud solution, SoftTeco pays extra attention to its architecture in order to ensure high reliability and security. We use time-tested development tools and methodologies that help us build robust applications that are able to scale as needed and are fault-tolerant in a long run. In this way, the app will also be able to quickly recover in case of any unwanted issues.

Clouds That Softteco Works With

Amazon Web Services

Being a certified partner of the AWS Partner Network, Softteco has rich expertise in delivering enterprise-grade solutions via extensive capabilities that AWS provides.

aws cloud
aws cloud

Microsoft Azure

We recommend deploying Microsoft Azure services when your project is designed around the .NET tech stack – in this way, you will achieve the best performance. Azure is also great for Machine Learning or IoT projects.  

azure cloud
azure cloud

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a great platform with a rich variety of services. You might want to consider it for building scalable and robust applications and SoftTeco will quickly deliver the required solution.

google cloud
Cloud Consulting Services


SoftTeco has solid experience with DigitalOcean services and can effectively deliver the requested solution. This platform is the most cost-efficient and is great for POCs and MVPs.

DigitalOcean cloud
DigitalOcean cloud

Why Choose SoftTeco as Your Cloud Services Company?

Solid security
Pitch-perfect UX/UI
Rich experience in the IT industry
Fast response time
Quick delivery
Certified cloud partners

Featured Projects

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What cloud platform will be the best for me?

To determine what platform would be the most suitable solution for your enterprise, we will have to perform a thorough analysis of your project and will collect business and functional requirements. This is needed for us to get a better understanding of your business objectives and needs so we can match them with a suitable solution. Hence, we will need to set up a consultation and discuss your project first – we can then move to the platform selection.

 What cloud solutions does SoftTeco develop?

Our cloud consulting firm develops a variety of solutions, from applications to ERP systems and APIs. Our projects vary in size and complexity and we deliver software products for businesses of any size and across multiple industries. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for more details – we will gladly consult you and together, will define the best solution.

 Is cloud secure enough?

Yes, cloud platforms are highly secure and this is one of their main advantages. However, it is worth remembering that cloud security works by the “shared responsibility” approach, meaning that certain aspects of security should be handled by the client. SoftTeco can help you take all needed security precautions and safeguard your application from the client side while also configuring the built-in security features that each platform provides.

Can you migrate my legacy app to the cloud?

Yes, in addition to our cloud consulting services, SoftTeco offers the migration of your existing products to the platform of choice. For that, we will thoroughly assess your current application and its infrastructure and will design a detailed migration plan so the process does not disrupt your business and the data remains integral.

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