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Transport and Logistics Software Development Services

Minimize your operational challenges with SoftTeco – a well-recognized logistics software development company. We add intelligence, accuracy and speed to fleets, while your clients enjoy improved customer experience.

SoftTeco’s Logistics Software Solutions

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Fleet Management

SoftTeco designs powerful transport and logistics software that helps organizations receive real-time data about their fleets while maintaining focus on their statuses. We take care of the tiniest aspects, so you focus on critical tasks instead.

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Accounting and Analytics

Tap into automated, ML-powered bookkeeping and analytics to make data-driven strategic decisions, aimed at increasing your ROI. We offer development of predictive analytics models and create advanced calculation models for the most various requests.

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Warehouse Management

Reduce your operational costs by managing your warehouse in a smarter way with SoftTeco. Our services include AI-based inventory management, smart order picking, smart resource planning – all focused on helping you grow ROI through elaborate resource allocation.

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Asset Tracking Software

Always know what exact assets are at your disposal and what their conditions are with SoftTeco’s custom asset management systems. Our services include performance management, predictive maintenance, and inventory management.

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Spendings Planning

Gain more control over your spendings with smart allocation of costs and data-driven analysis of expenses. Our transportation software development company can help you automate cost calculation processes, track spendings by category, and plan future expenses based on historical data.

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CRM Systems

SoftTeco helps companies better understand their customers by designing custom CRM systems. Store all customer-related information in one place, configure your marketing activities, and seamlessly manage all needed documents.

Technologies Behind Our Transportation Software Development Services

Big Data

  • In-depth analysis of historical data
  • Advanced analytics 
  • Better warehouse management
  • Optimization of routes, last-mile processes

Machine Learning

  • Predictive analytics for decision-making
  • Automation of a range of tasks
  • Demand forecasting for inventory management
  • Predictive maintenance for your assets


Transport and Logistics Software Development Services
Transport and Logistics Software Development Services
  • Real-time data collection
  • Better route management 
  • Drone-based shipping
  • Connectivity of your digital assets


  • Effective employee training
  • Improved inventory management
  • Increased transparency of supply chain
  • Improved user experience

Handle your operations effortlessly with SoftTeco’s state-of-art software solutions, designed to bring clarity and speed to the industry.

Our Logistics Software Development Services



With SoftTeco’s consulting services, companies can better understand their technological needs and define the most suitable software solution. We carefully collect your requirements, analyze the market, and provide a personalized solution in correspondence with your budget and deadlines.


Development and Implementation

Our company offers a full-cycle logistics software development and implementation of a software solution into your digital ecosystem. We will take care of all needed integrations to ensure all systems interact smoothly and deliver a seamless user experience.  


Employee Training

SoftTeco offers employee training to make sure that your team understands all aspects of a new software solution and uses it to its full potential. We offer various formats of training (videos, AR/VR-based, portals) to best meet the needs of your staff members.


Discover Our Transportation & Logistics Software Development Process



The first stage of our software development process is discovery, which implies collecting business and functional requirements through interviews with all involved stakeholders. Such an approach allows us to better understand project scope and your vision.



During the next stage of our logistics software development services, SoftTeco will analyze your project, market needs, and the competition with an aim to define your unique selling proposition and proper implementation strategy. We will plan out the deliverables and will define the needed resources and tech stack.


Prototyping and Design

SoftTeco’s UX/UI design team will deliver low and high fidelity prototypes and wireframes to display how the final product will look and feel. Our design services include not only product design but complete rebranding or brandbook creation from scratch.



Next, our expert software engineers will develop your product by following in-house established coding principles and standards. Such an approach allows us to identify any issues at an early stage and timely eliminate them, ensuring high quality of the final product.


Quality Assurance

To make sure there are no bugs or glitches in your software, we perform rigorous testing that combines both manual and automated testing methods to achieve the best results. We therefore make sure that your product corresponds to quality standards in all needed aspects.


Maintenance and Support

After your product is launched, our work doesn’t stop there. As the final stage of our logistics and transportation software development process, SoftTeco offers maintenance and support services to maintain proper functioning of the product after its release and to timely resolve any possible issues, including security patching.

Benefits of Partnering
With SoftTeco

Reduced Operational Costs

Due to intelligent spendings calculations, ML-based prediction analytics models, and automation, SoftTeco helps enterprises significantly cut down their operational costs by eliminating excessive spendings and improving work efficiency.

Transparency and Security

Being an ISO 27001 certified company, SoftTeco sees security of our logistic software solutions as a core priority and follows security best practices during the transportation software development phase. As well, we set up all processes to be highly transparent, so you always know the state of your project. 

Increased Accuracy and Efficiency

With the help of advanced technologies deployed in our transportation software development services, we minimize the number of human errors from your processes and help you speed up and improve complex operations that take too much of your time and effort.

Featured Projects

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How much does a custom logistics solution cost?

The final cost of a delivered software solution will depend on multiple factors, so even for an approximate number, we recommend contacting our representatives. They will provide you with a consultation and will learn about the intended number of integrations, complexity of functionality, desired tech stack, and other important things that will shape the cost of our IT services for logistics.  

What engagement models does SoftTeco offer?

SoftTeco offers three engagement models: staff augmentation, dedicated team, and full IT outstaffing. Each model has its pros and cons and when discussing your project, we identify which exact model will meet your needs the best. You can hire either a single developer or a whole team of experts – we are very flexible in terms of assembling a team.

Can you modernize my legacy logistics solution?

Yes! Our logistics software development company offers modernization services for legacy applications. We fine-tune the performance of apps, review their infrastructure, provide code rewriting services, and can work on design to make it more intuitive and user-centric. We can also migrate your app to another technology or to the cloud, if needed.

Why Choose SoftTeco
as Your Logistics Development Company?

Transparent service delivery
Cost-Efficient Services
Professional Team
Focus on our customers
Quality and Security
Full Range of Services

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