Cloud Integration Services

Cloud integration allows you to work with different data formats across multiple data systems. It has changed the way businesses approach data and app integration forever. With the help of SoftTeco’s cloud integration services, you can launch new products, services, and applications faster and more quickly respond to changing market environments to stay competitive.

SoftTeco’s Cloud Integration Services


Cloud Integration Consulting

With 15 years of experience in cloud computing, SoftTeco utilizes reliable cloud integration services to ensure data security, scalability, and availability. That includes consulting on the: 

  • Tech stack selection according to your needs;
  • Integration architecture design;
  • Construction of the cloud app integration project roadmap;
  • Security, performance, data quality requirements preparation;
  • Compliance with required security standards (such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, FISMA and others) and regulations guide.

Implementation of Cloud Integration Solutions

SoftTeco’s specialists will help you with cloud integration solutions to break down data silos, improve connectivity and visibility, and ultimately optimize business processes:

  • Application and infrastructure analysis;
  • Integration architecture design;
  • Integration development, implementation and testing;
  • After-launch support, user and admin training;
  • Map and transfer data between applications and systems across any cloud environments;
  • Implementing IaaS model to externalize APIs for digital consumers and developers through a secure platform on the cloud;

Types of Cloud Integration

Data Integration 

Data integration is a synchronization of data between repositories (both cloud-based and physical locations). Data can be processed, transported, and transformed during the integration. SoftTeco will help you integrate your information into the cloud platform to prevent data silos, improve communication, and ease access to relevant data.

Cloud data integration also gives you the ability to:

  • Batch process large volumes of data
  • Prepare information for analysis
  • Apply data quality measures
  • Protect and mask data to keep it secure

Service and Application Integration

Application integration is a process of connecting different applications to ensure their uninterrupted functionality. When applications can communicate and interact with each other, new cloud computing and business processes become possible. SoftTeco can assist you with the process to help your business widen its possibilities. 

Cloud application integration provides several benefits, including:

  • Real-time data discovery, connection, access, and utilization
  • Improved workflows
  • Infrastructure modernization
  • Development of data-driven models
  • Creation of AI and machine learning programs for predicting future behavior

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Take advantage of the benefits of cloud integration for your business. SoftTeco can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our team of professionals will integrate your existing system with cloud-based solutions, so you can access your data from anywhere and at any time.

Cloud Integration Tools and Platforms

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JitterBit has strong integration capabilities, allowing thousands of applications from various platforms to be integrated into a single interface as quickly as possible. This platform includes powerful app and API integration tools that enable businesses to not only streamline key processes but also collect intelligence data on demand.

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Zapier offers a simple way to connect and share data with various web-based applications, including Google Drive and Facebook. It can also automate virtually any business process you need to use.

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MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

If you want to manage all of your integrations on a single platform, the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform is an excellent choice. Its cloud integration tools enable you to create and integrate your own APIs, as well as connect to any app, device, data, etc. It provides high security by managing gateways and encryption.

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Dell Boomi

With the help of Dell Boomi, you can quickly create workflows and manage data quality governance, application integration, and B2B networks. In terms of applications like CRM, it can be a significant asset and allows for innovation on the go.

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IBM App Connect

With IBM App Connect, you can integrate your data between on-premises and cloud-based applications, build APIs on an intuitive, code-free interface, and build workflows that automate your business processes within different apps. Furthermore, you can set up IBM App Connect in any on-premises or cloud environment.

Cloud Solution Options That SoftTeco Offers


Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offers cloud-computing services at very affordable rates without losing the quality. SoftTeco is a certified partner of the AWS Partner Network and delivers top-notch cloud solutions for enterprises by leveraging a wide range of AWS capabilities.


Microsoft Azure

With its support for multiple programming languages, tools, and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems, Microsoft Azure offers diverse capabilities. SoftTeco has extensive experience in utilizing Microsoft Azure services.


Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a cloud computing platform that offers a wide range of services and provides a highly scalable and reliable infrastructure with global coverage and advanced security features. SoftTeco team is well-versed in the platform and can efficiently deliver the required solution.



DigitalOcean offers a simple pricing model with no hidden fees and allows you to scale your resources up or down as needed, making it easy to handle traffic spikes. It suits businesses looking for a simple, affordable, and reliable cloud-computing service. SoftTeco has extensive experience using DigitalOcean services and can efficiently design and deliver the required solution.

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Benefits of Cloud

Improved operational efficiency

Reduced operational costs and increased revenue

Increased flexibility and scalability

Better internal communication

Improved customer service, support & retention


What our clients say

Mika Saryan

SoftTeco is always able to find necessary resources very quickly; whether for short term project or longer term engagement, they seem to have access to a broad set of talent. All resources from SoftTeco are really dedicated to project success and often go above and beyond to reach the goal. They take pride in their work and are always proactive in surfacing improvements to the code. SoftTeco's team communication skills are very strong. They integrated really well with our team and were able to adjust working hours to allow for longer overlap with US engineers.

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What is cloud platform integration?

Cloud integration is a system of tools and technologies that connects various applications, systems, repositories, and IT environments for the real-time exchange of data and processes. Cloud integration platforms offer a way for IT teams to monitor and manage disparate applications from a single, centralized system. Once combined, the data and integrated cloud services can then be accessed by multiple devices over a network or via the internet.

What is cloud data integration?

Cloud data integration is the process of collecting and transferring data from various systems to a cloud platform. The goal of integrating this information is to make trusted data easily accessible by all authorized data consumers for both operational and analytical workloads. With the right data integration tools, companies can ensure their cloud-based and on-premise applications consistently synchronize valuable information and deliver it to users safely.

When should you choose cloud integration?

Cloud integration allows you to have fast and reliable data synchronization, which also eliminates redundant data and improves operational efficiency. Cloud integration is crucial for system reliability and allows organizations to cut operational costs. It is also a good way to improve business processes and save valuable information in case of emergencies.

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