10 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile Application

10 Reasons for Small Business Owners to Finally Get a Mobile App

Mobile devices have become an inalienable part of an everyday life worldwide. An average person is reported to spend around 3 hours a day engaged with portable devices. Obviously, a “mobile” life caused tremendous changes in the way business operates.

10 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile Application

10 Reasons for Small Business Owners to Finally Get a Mobile App

Despite the widely spread opinion that mobile apps are for big players dealing with CMS development, more and more small business owners already have or consider having tailored mobile solutions. Such companies are definitely ahead of the game, as having a custom mobile app brings marketing and sales to the next level.

Here are good 10 reasons explaining how mobile apps help small businesses grow.

1. Offer a Quick and Easy Purchase

Mobile apps are considered to be the fastest way to buy. Even compared to mobile websites. The properly tailored app easily guides the customer through the whole purchase process. Integrated payment systems allow easy and quick order placement. The end result ensures that your users get a seamless and fast checkout tool, resulting in higher sales while reducing customer care costs.

2. Differentiate From Competitors

Despite the proven benefits, small business apps are still rare. While competitors hesitate, demonstrate deep understanding of users’ preferences and habits. These days customers love doing business through smartphones and tablets. So be the first in the area to offer clients a comprehensive, user-friendly application to increase audience engagement and, as a result, purchasing action.

3. Be Noticeable 24/7

The downloaded mobile app constantly reminds users about you. Your app is always “in the way”, even when not used directly. Users will note the icon every time unlocking or scanning their devices. It’s a fact that human brain records everything it sees, even if it happens unconsciously.

4. Display Products and Services

The dedicated mobile app becomes a 24/7 available handy shop window,

where customers will find all products and services at one place ―

under their fingerprints.

5. Boost sales

Increased involvement brings increased action. When it’s about driving purchasing actions from highly targeted audience, mobile apps are definitely ahead of other sales techniques and tools.

6. Open a Direct Communication Channel

Mobile apps offer many communication tools ― news, booking forms, help desk, personal accounts, etc. Those features allow you to constantly stay in touch with users, providing them with all desired news ― for example, promoting sales and special offers. Direct push notifications will keep customers posted on the latest events and remind them of the products and services you offer.

7. Build a New ROI Instrument

In order to make profit from money invested, a custom mobile application can be easily converted from a promotional and sales tool to a revenue channel. Attach a price to it, offer in-app advertising or simply introduce paid features to monetize company’s mobile platform.

8. Digitalize Individual Approach

Have you ever thought how many clients would rather text you then call? The mobile app with a booking feature can change the usual way you interact with customers. Many people would rather make an appointment or place an order with several clicks than making a phone call.

Go further, help customers forget carrying point-collection cards and coupons by offering reward collecting programs via mobile apps. No doubt, environmentally friendly steps are always appreciated by consumers.

9. Improve Loyalty and Customer Service

People love when you think about their convenience and always appreciate that, no matter what you are selling ― pizzas or grooming services. These days everyone is on the run, and saving customer’s precious time pays back. A mobile app allows final consumers for a delivery or a quick pick-up while avoiding lines and unnecessary delays. That will make people return to you and spread the word about your business.

10. Get Strong Analytics

One of the benefits about presence in customers’ devices is that it’s much easier to collect data. Track downloads, audience engagement, see what products are the most popular. Data analyzed can help make goods and services more customer-oriented.

Summing Up

In the world moving towards M-commerce, “being mobile” can actually define if you will be in the game tomorrow. No one says a mobile app will guarantee your business a fast growth or save it from fail, but it’s a great toolset and a way to stay closer to already existing customers ― right at their fingertips and just a few clicks away from another completed order.

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