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Keep your business secure with SoftTeco’s security testing services. Rely on our QA engineers and rest assured that your app and your data are safeguarded against potential attacks and threats.


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Security testing is aimed at discovering vulnerabilities, risks, and threats of a software product and how prone the product is to attacks. By performing security testing, companies can eliminate the risks of unauthorized access to their IT infrastructure and sensitive data and ensure the reliability of the system and its components.

The performance of security testing requires extensive skills and knowledge, so you need to delegate the process to experienced professionals. With over 15 years in the IT industry and in QA, SoftTeco offers extensive security testing services that cover all aspects of your software and help you adhere to the standards of your industry.

Software Testing Services That SoftTeco Offers

Penetration Testing

By imitating real-life cyberattacks, SoftTeco identifies flaws in your infrastructure and evaluates how malicious agents can access your apps and how much damage they might cause. We perform all-round penetration testing and provide actionable recommendations on how to make your system better protected. 

Vulnerability Assessment

We perform thorough vulnerability assessment to scan through all existing vulnerabilities in your system and categorize them by criticality. This allows our QA team to understand the state of your target system and how to manage these vulnerabilities in the most effective manner. For maximal efficiency, SoftTeco uses a combo of automated and manual tools.

Compliance Assessment

Achieving full compliance with requested regulations (such as HIPAA, GDPR, and other standards) might be challenging. SoftTeco provides compliance assessment services aimed at reviewing your policies, processes, and infrastructure and identifying any gaps and issues that need to be addressed. 

Social Engineering Testing

Security awareness of your employees is one of the core factors that impact the security state of your organization, and SoftTeco can help you test it. By imitating manipulation techniques of cyber criminals, we identify how easily your employees can be tricked into malicious actions and what aspects of security training you need to focus on.

Application Security Testing

SoftTeco will perform all-round testing of your software application, checking each of its components and ensuring the app does not provide unauthorized access and does not have critical vulnerabilities. In case we detect any, SoftTeco will provide guidelines on their management and elimination.

API Security Testing

APIs are often overlooked as a point of attack but at SoftTeco, we pay due attention to their security. We provide API security testing services to safeguard your APIs against the most common cyberattacks, including MITM (man in the middle), DDoS, or API injections. In this way, you can rest assured that your sensitive data is not compromised by weak APIs.

Red Teaming

We perform a systematical real-life cyberattack on your organization while your employees are not aware of it. The main idea behind red teaming is to achieve a specific goal (i.e., access a system) and in this way, we provide you with information about how well your organization is secured against such attacks.

Configuration Scanning

SoftTeco performs configuration scanning to identify any possible misconfigurations of your networks, software, or systems. We usually perform the scanning against the list of security best practices to timely detect any issues and recommend on the best ways of resolving them. This procedure allows to significantly improve your compliance with needed regulations.

Increase the resilience of your software and your IT infrastructure and don’t let a single vulnerability slip with SoftTeco’s security testing as a service.

Industries That We Safeguard

SoftTeco works with clients from a diverse range of industries. Discover them below:


Why Choose SoftTeco as Your Security Testing Company?


Reduction of Costs

By performing our security testing service, we can help you optimize operational and maintenance costs that will otherwise be spent on fixing the undiscovered bugs and issues. Our company will help you detect any vulnerabilities before the damage is done, and thus save you major financial losses that might occur from a data breach or similar issues.


Actionable Reporting

All our activities are followed by detailed reporting and actionable recommendations and guidelines. In this way, we help you not only learn about the state of your system and its existing flaws, but also understand what kind of action is required from your side to mitigate and eliminate the risks.


Swift Elimination of Risks

Security testing is usually performed before any damage is done. This approach allows early detection of risks and vulnerabilities and their timely elimination. Upon the request, SoftTeco can assist your in-house quality assurance team with vulnerability management and risk mitigation, so all threats are managed in a timely and effective manner.

What our clients say

Pete Robbins

Despite the challenges that arise in any collaborative project, SoftTeco’s team has consistently been solution-oriented, agile in their response to change, and steadfast in their commitment to service excellence. Their customer service and client support have also been outstanding. We have always felt valued as a partner and any concerns are addressed promptly. In conclusion, our experience with SoftTeco has been highly positive, and I confidently recommend them as a reliable and proficient resourcing company. They have been an integral partner in our business operations, and I am looking forward to our continued collaboration.


How will I benefit from SoftTeco’s security testing services?

By partnering with our expert QA team, you will get a third-party look at your IT infrastructure, systems, and apps, and will get access to our extensive technical background and knowledge. Since our QA department specializes in detecting and mitigating vulnerabilities and threats, you can rest assured that not a single issue will go unnoticed.

Do you provide security training for my employees?

Security training is not part of our security testing services but overall, SoftTeco provides security training for employees upon the request. If by results of our testing we identify that your personnel lacks needed security knowledge and/or skills, we can help you close the gap.

Can you help me with becoming compliant with needed regulations?

Yes, with our compliance assessment services that are aimed at detecting what exactly has to be done, so your organization becomes more compliant. By that, we mean detection of security issues and bottlenecks that pose a threat to your company and might compromise the security of your data.

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