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UX Consulting Services

Deliver memorable user experiences and boost usability of your products with SoftTeco’s UX consulting services. You create great products – we help them stand out.

SoftTeco’s UX Consulting Services

At SoftTeco, we understand how important well-crafted UX design is. Hence, we offer a range of services aimed at not only improving your current design, but also enhancing the skills of your team and helping you establish smooth and effective design processes.


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UX Review

Our team will carefully review your current design and will analyze the main pain points, bottlenecks, and issues, preventing your users from completing conversions. We will also identify opportunities for growth and will suggest how to highlight your UVPs through design. 

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Custom Training

Our UX consulting company offers training for your employees in order to increase their UX maturity and improve their skills. Our design experts will share their experience and knowledge, identify strengths of each member of your team, and provide a comfortable learning environment.

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UX Workshops

We can conduct UX workshops aimed at specific goals in order to see the magic of great UX on practice. You can select the goal that you want to achieve yourself, or we can help you define one (or several, if needed). Elevate your team’s skills with our help!

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User Journey Evaluation

A well-planned user journey is a surefire way to naturally lead users to conversions. But a poorly designed user journey will cause users to stumble and may even result in them leaving. Our team will not only review your user journeys, but will also suggest improvements.

The Benefits of UX Consultancy


Stellar User Experiences

UX design is centered around user experience, and with the help of professional UX consultants and designers, you can make your software products more user-centric and converting. Make your customers happier by catering to their needs in terms of product design.


Optimize Resources

Speed up your research and design processes while also boosting product delivery with the help of our consultants. SoftTeco’s professionals will help you set up an effective design process while pointing out the areas for improvement.


Increase Conversions

Great UX design equals happy customers, and satisfied customers tend to complete their conversions. Hence, you can greatly boost your conversion rates through optimized and improved design – note that even the smallest details make a big difference! 


Boost Reliability 

You want your brand to be perceived as reliable and consistent and for that, all your products need to adhere to the highest quality standards. Let SoftTeco help you polish your design in correspondence with users’ expectations and watch your brand reliability grow.

Revamp your UX design with the help of our experts and make your product shine

When Do You Need UX Consultants?

Even if you already have a solid design in place, there is always room for improvement. Especially, if you observe low conversions or wish to attract more users. With SoftTeco’s UX consulting services, you can easily identify new opportunities for growth, make user journeys more intuitive and natural, and deliver the exact level of quality that your brand represents.

Learn about the main benefits of professional user experience consulting:

High Bounce Rates

A bounce rate implies that a user briefly leaves the page after landing on it and one of the core reasons for that is poor page navigation and poor design. If your analytics displays high bounce rate, it might be time to review your design and see whether it can be improved.

Low Conversions

Same as bounce rates, low conversions serve as indicators that something might be wrong with the website navigation, layout, or design. In this case, we not only analyze your product but suggest A/B testing to see what can be improved and how exactly.

Slow Delivery

When your design process is not optimized, it may prolong product delivery since you will be getting back to the same issues again and again. With consulting, you will be able to redesign your delivery strategy in the most efficient manner.

Why Choose SoftTeco as Your UX Consulting Company?


Our UX consulting firm has been in the IT industry for 15+ years and all this time, we’ve been striving to deliver not only high-functioning but also appealing and user-centric solutions. Our design team carefully monitors the latest design trends and best practices and applies them to our projects.

Creativity and Enthusiasm

We believe that bold and unique ideas come from passionate and enthusiastic talents, and that’s whom our design team comprises. Our designers combine creativity and analytics to create memorable products that cater to specific expectations and needs of users while also perfectly reflecting your brand.


At SoftTeco, we believe it’s important that everyone stays on the same page, including the client. Hence, all our processes are built around transparency. In this way, you always know the status of your project, what changes were applied to it, and what the next steps are.

Range of Services

In addition to consulting, SoftTeco offers a variety of related, such as UX/UI design, branding, redesign, and many more. Being a one-stop software development company, we understand that our clients may request other services, and we are ready to provide them.

What our clients say

Irina Lunin

We have been working with SoftTeco for more than 7 years and throughout all this time, they never missed a deadline and always displayed the highest level of professionalism.

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What is UX design?

UX stands for user experience and implies creating products that are enjoyable and easy to use. In other words, it is about creating memorable and great user experience through proper allocation of visual elements and proper design of the app layout and navigation.

How can a professional UX design consultant help my business?

UX consultancy provides an outside perspective on your current design and highlights its main strengths and weaknesses. In this way, you are able to understand what can be done better and what exact bottlenecks may prevent your users from completing their conversions.

Can SoftTeco fix my UX design?

Absolutely! Since SoftTeco is a one-stop software provider, our services include UX/UI design in addition to UX consulting. We can therefore not only point out the possible issues, but also propose actionable solutions.

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