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Smart Mirror

Medical survey solution


Mobile, Tablet






  • Built-in Wi-Fi module
  • Audio and video streaming rendering
  • Audio and video recording
  • Integrated mirror management: LEDs, mirror software update


SmartMirror is a startup that strives to change the face of modern dental care with its innovative product. Smart Mirror is a smart and LED-equipped dental mirror that significantly facilitates the dentists’ job and transforms customer experience due to the video
streaming option.

A client requested SoftTeco to develop a mobile application that would connect with the smart dental mirror. The challenge was that the device was still under development
so SoftTeco’s team had to work with a simulator instead of a real device and there
was no guarantee that the real device would work the same as the simulator.

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SmartMirror mobile application connects to the smart mirror dental device through Wi-Fi, receives the transmitted data, and displays it in video format. With the help of the application, a dentist can manage the intensity and kind of lighting of the mirror, adjusting the tool as needed.

Since the mirror has a built-in HD intraoral camera, the application transmits real-time videos and allows taking photos and recording videos to later be sent to patients or kept in the database. As well, the application allows sharing the data and connecting via the QR code.

smart-mirror-2 min

Tech Stack






RTP video streaming BLE

Audio streaming BLE

How it works

Since the smart mirror device is equipped with LEDs, the mobile application provides multiple options to manage them. We implemented such features as the adjustable intensity
of lightning and dimming management. As well, the application allows checking the battery life of the mirror and installing updates for its firmware.

In order for the mirror to seamlessly communicate with the application, our team implemented an option of connecting the mirror to the app via the QR code. The mirror has an integrated Wi-Fi module and the application’s interface has a “connect to the mirror” feature and it is also possible to connect to another mirror if needed.

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SoftTeco was fully responsible for the iOS development and we delivered the application in time and in correspondence with the requirements. The client is currently considering developing an application for Android and we will be happy to assist in further product expansion.



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