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We at SoftTeco understand how crucial it is for companies to maintain high-level security in place, and we are ready to help you create a safer operations environment. Discover our innovative, technology-powered solutions and learn how we can help you safeguard safeguard your assets, data and operations.

Security Solutions That SoftTeco Offers

SoftTeco designs intelligent and powerful solutions, aimed at resolving your business needs in the most effective manner. From ML-powered video surveillance to advanced motion detection, we help you safeguard your most valuable assets.


Service Management Software

Manage all your processes and assets seamlessly and from one place with SoftTeco’s feature-rich service management software. Automate job scheduling and inventory management, digitize your paperwork, and establish robust digital security with our customized solution designed precisely for your organization.


Mobile Device Management Software

With numerous mobile devices used by your employees, it might be hard to manage them all and make sure that these devices are accessed by authorized users only. SoftTeco offers the development of mobile device management software, aimed at controlling and securing administrative policies on all mobile devices that are connected to your organization’s network.


Web Applications 

SoftTeco provides web application security solutions to ensure that your web app is securely protected against potential attacks and is available to authorized users only. We will thoroughly review your current policies and will not only suggest the improvements, but will also help with their implementation.


Mobile Applications 

Mobile applications process enormous amounts of sensitive data on a daily basis, so it’s critical to ensure that your app is secured from unauthorized access and malicious activities. SoftTeco offers mobile application security solutions that include evaluation of your mobile product and implementation of recommended security measures.



As the number of CNP (card-not-present) frauds is growing on a regular basis, organizations need to protect themselves from fraudulent activities and deploy secure payment software. SoftTeco offers a variety of payment security solutions aimed at improving your payment processes and at detecting any suspicious behavior at an early stage.


Identity and Access Management Software

Always be sure that only authorized users access your company’s data and assets by implementing an innovative identity solution delivered by SoftTeco. Equipped with numerous configuration options and designed with industry’s best practices in mind, our identity and access solutions help companies better secure their assets and stored data.


Operational Technology 

Your operational technology (OT) environment calls for the use of specific protocols, and SoftTeco will gladly help you implement them. With rich experience in protecting OT systems, we provide various OT security services aimed at effectively protecting your assets in a highly customized manner. 


IoT Systems

We at SoftTeco understand how critical it is to secure your IoT systems and we know all challenges that may occur during the process. Hence, we offer IoT security services to double-check that all components of the system are safeguarded and that the transferred data cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.

Solidify your security services with innovative technology and add extra layers of protection to your organization to keep the data and clients safe. 

Discover Our Security Services

Application Security Audit

We perform thorough application audits that help us understand how well your web or mobile application is protected against malicious activities and whether it is exposed to threats. The process includes pen testing, audit of the app’s source code, and compliance testing and is aimed at discovering potential vulnerabilities and eliminating them.


Code Review Services

SoftTeco offers comprehensive code review services that imply an all-round audit of your code and the detection of potential bugs, vulnerabilities, and issues. While performing the code review, we will provide you with actionable recommendations on improving the quality and security of your code, thus helping you safeguard your application.

code review
code review

Penetration Testing Services

We offer penetration testing services to help organizations discover any vulnerabilities and issues in their software at early stages through internal and external pen tests. Our team will perform a pen testing of your choice, based on your business objectives, and will help you successfully eliminate the issues before they cause any damage.

penetration testing
penetration testing

Cyber Security Services by SoftTeco

With cyber attacks growing exponentially every year, it’s critical for organizations to establish robust security practices and follow them in order to prevent and mitigate potential threats. We at SoftTeco understand that it might be challenging to identify what policies to implement and how to do so and hence, we offer extensive cyber security services, delivered by certified experts.

From managed services to network protection, we will take care of every aspect of your software product to ensure it is safeguarded against malicious actions and threat agents. Being an ISO 27001 certified company, we help businesses worldwide create safer digital environments.

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What our clients say

Irina Lunin

We have been working with SoftTeco for more than 7 years and throughout all this time, they never missed a deadline and always displayed the highest level of professionalism.


 How can AI help improve my security services?

Artificial Intelligence can be highly useful in the security domain. By using this technology, companies can add automation and intelligence to their processes: for example, implement smart motion detection, predictive analytics for fraud detection, and detection of suspicious activity online.

Can you help me improve my security?

Yes, in addition to audits and testing, SoftTeco can help you implement the needed security measures and can help you train your employees. In this way, we will walk you through all the steps of the process and will make sure that your digital environment is safeguarded. And if you already follow security measures, our team can provide useful suggestions on their improvement.

Why should I partner with SoftTeco?

With over 15 years of experience, SoftTeco is a well-recognized international IT vendor who has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for businesses worldwide. Our ISO 27001 certification serves as a valid proof of our thorough approach towards security, and we always strive to help our clients protect their assets and customers with the help of innovative technologies.

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