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Mobile App Design Services

Attract users’ attention and increase your engagement rate with SoftTeco’s mobile app design services aimed at making your app stand out. We know that user experience starts with the first impression, and we can help you create an unforgettable one.

SoftTeco’s Custom App Design Services

UX Design

SoftTeco will create an intuitive and user-centric app navigation and layout to provide the ultimate user experience and frictionless user journey. For that, we follow UX best practices and always perform usability testing during the design process.

UX Design
UX Design

UI Design 

Our team will help your mobile app stand out by pairing creative and bold ideas with a thought-out selection of fonts, colors, and visual elements. We will help you communicate your brand identity and reach the right audience through a seamless user interface.

UI Design
UI Design

Logo and Icon Design

If you need to create a brand identity from scratch or feel like your product is in need of rebranding, SoftTeco will gladly help you with our app design services. Our team will carefully study your brand and your mobile solution to present you with the corresponding logo and icon design.

Logo and Icon Design
Logo and Icon Design

App Redesign

SoftTeco offers redesign services to augment your app with the latest trends and to make it adhere to users’ expectations. When performing app redesign, we retain the identity of your brand and make sure to emphasize it through captivating visuals.

App Redesign
App Redesign

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What our clients say

Pete Robbins

SoftTeco has demonstrated an exceptional level of expertise, commitment, and professionalism. Their approach to understanding our unique business needs has been meticulous, ensuring that the solutions they provide are not only tailored to our requirements but also consistently exceed our expectations. Their teams have displayed a remarkable proficiency in SDLC, providing us with top- notch talent and resources that have been pivotal to our success. SoftTeco’s staff members are not just technically skilled, but they also bring a level of enthusiasm and dedication that has greatly contributed to a positive and productive working environment.

Make the first impression unforgettable with state-of-art mobile app design delivered by SoftTeco.


Our Mobile App Design Process

To create a truly memorable experience for your users, we follow a well-crafted UX/UI design approach so every tiny aspect is taken care of.  Discover SoftTeco’s design process step by step. 



The first thing we do is collecting functional and business requirements through interviews with stakeholders. At this stage, we learn about your vision and expectations, research your mobile solution, and analyze the competition.


Detailed Analysis

Once we collect the project requirements, we proceed to analyzing user behavior and crafting user journeys. In this way, we ensure that your app provides seamless navigation and brings value to users. At this stage, we also create user personas and storyboards.


Information Architecture

Our mobile application design company will create an information architecture to structure all content of your app in an organized manner and to create a product map. The information architecture will allow us to enhance user experience and avoid content cluttering.


Wireframe Creation

Our UX/UI team will create low and high fidelity wireframes to visualize the future look of the app and the way its elements will interact with each other. The creation of wireframes on early stages will help us make adjustments in a timely manner.



We create prototypes of your mobile application to see the product in action and identify whether it needs any changes. A prototype is an obligatory stage, either for a full-fledged mobile app or with an MVP.


Usability Testing

SoftTeco performs extensive usability testing to see how the app functions and looks and whether there are any bottlenecks in the user journey. We always test the app with real users to use their feedback as a base for further improvements.

Platforms That We Work With

We create captivating experiences for both native and cross-platform applications. Discover the scope of our mobile application design services:

Native App Development



Cross-platform App Development




React Native

Why Choose SoftTeco as Your Mobile Application Design Company?


Unparalleled Quality

At SoftTeco, we always follow UX/UI best practices to ensure your software product looks and performs in an excellent way regardless of the platform and the device. To achieve such results, we perform usability and A/B testing and use innovative tools to deliver truly unique experiences.


Transparent Approach

We understand how important it is to keep everyone on the same page during the project development. This is why at SoftTeco, all our processes are highly transparent, so you always know the state and progress of your project.


Rich Expertise

With 15+ years of experience, SoftTeco knows the ins and outs of good mobile design and puts all skills and knowledge into practice. We know what it takes to create a reliable and user-friendly software product, and we are highly proficient in it.


User-centric Approach

At SoftTeco, the end user is always at the center of everything. Before performing any activities, we conduct thorough research and analysis to gain deep understanding of user’s behavior and preferences.

Our Portfolio



Energy Management System for Athletes

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web
portfolio caajoo


A system for managing smart outdoor lighting solutions

  • Web


What is the difference between UX and UI?

User experience, as the name implies, refers to the experience that a user receives from interacting with a product. This experience is based on the ease of navigation, placement of visual elements, and other factors that affect how easy it is for users to perceive and understand the product. User interface, in turn, refers to the elements and their placement and the way they are arranged. Note that UX and UI go hand in hand, and both are crucial in mobile app design.

 Do you offer redesign services?

Yes, SoftTeco can redesign your application to make it more corresponding to modern trends or needs of your users. To successfully perform redesign, we analyze your existing product, identify the biggest bottlenecks, and analyze the market to understand what kind of improvements can be made.

How much do mobile app design services cost?

The final cost will depend on multiple factors and hence, it is impossible to give a definite answer right away. Our specialists can provide you with an estimate after performing the analysis of your product and coming up with a list of recommendations on further process. 

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