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AngularJS Development Company

SoftTeco offers highly skilled AngularJS talent to help our clients maintain their codebase or migrate to more modern frameworks. With our AngularJS Development Services, you will get the most out of your web solution.

Our Core AngularJS Development Services

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SoftTeco offers professional AngularJS consultants who help you identify opportunities, resolve issues or give guidance and support. Our consultants provide a detailed roadmap based on your goals and requirements to scale your apps effectively and meet your needs.

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Migration & Porting

Do you plan to migrate to the latest version of Angular or other frameworks painlessly? With SoftTeco, you are on the right track. Our team of skilled developers helps you port or migrate your existing web solution seamlessly to another platform within the shortest turnaround time.

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Support, Maintenance & Optimization

SoftTeco provides full-cycle support and maintenance for your existing or new app. Our comprehensive support helps you update the app’s functionality, fix bugs, or add additional features to enhance its performance.

Angular vs AngularJS

When it comes to frontend development, we always strive to deliver high-performance and secure software using cutting-edge technologies. At SoftTeco, we provide AngularJS development services primarily to support, optimize, or migrate legacy software to keep up with industry standards. Moreover, we also offer Angular development services that guarantee flawless performance and unparalleled functionality of web solutions.

AngularJS Web Development Services

Mobile App Development

To avail of cross-platform mobile apps for Android and iOS using AngularJS and related frameworks, rely on SoftTeco. Our developers build high quality both native and cross-platform apps with trendy UI design and run seamlessly across different multiple platforms.

Single Page App Development

If you want to build complex SPAs and improve their performance, trust SoftTeco. Our developers build future-rich, user-friendly single-page applications (SPAs) that perform incredibly well on search engines to help organizations optimize their digital presence.

Custom App Development

If you have a design strategy that differs from others, you might need specific features to make your solution work. As a custom AngularJS development company with much flexibility and versatility, we help businesses achieve their goals by developing custom-made applications.

Enterprise App Development

When it comes to developing large-scale business solutions focused on improving efficiency and productivity, SoftTeco will help you. Our skilled developers create systems like CRM and ERP with a wide range of features to cater to a large customer base and growing business needs.

Ecommerce Development

If you need help to create an easy-to-use and innovative shopping site customized to your needs, let us know. Our developers build extremely feature-rich and user-friendly online solutions that improve user engagement and digital presence.

API Design & Integration

As a trusted AngularJS development company, we understand each business requirement and create customized goal-oriented APIs. Our extensive in-house expertise ensures seamless integration between an app’s client-side and scalable API for better performance.

If you are looking for a trusted company to support or migrate your web solution, rely on SoftTeco’s AngularJS development services that will bring tangible value to your business.

AngularJS Benefits of Web Development Services

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework leveraged by Google. Due to the frameworks’ powerful features, it is one of the preferred choices to simplify design and testing. Here are more reasons why companies should pay attention to this framework.

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Data Binding

It offers auto-synchronization capabilities between models and view (UI) components. It allows developers to code less and spend less time updating the DOM, thus boosting performance.

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As flexibility is one of the core AngularJS features, web applications based on the framework flawlessly run on multiple platforms and devices, making it highly versatile.

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MVC Support

The Model-view-controller development pattern provides an efficient and parallel development workflow. It supports MVC design and thus speeds up the creation process.

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Code Reusability

Through this framework, developers can reuse their previous codes or parts of their codes, thus speeding up design processes and reducing costs.

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High Performance & Speed

Due to its capabilities, it is a fast and high-performance framework for frontend design, allowing you to speed up development and reduce time-to-market.

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Support Dependency Injection (DI)

It has a built-in dependency injection mechanism, which allows developers to develop, test, and maintain complex applications more effectively.

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Efficient Testing

It supports end-to-end and unit-testing features that guarantee bug-free, well-documented, and high-quality code and, as a result, high-quality products.

Why Choose SoftTeco as Your AngularJS Development Company?

Over 15 years of experience in developing software
Cost effective and award-winning web solutions
In-depth QA testing prior to go-live
A transparent and personalized approach
+ 500 professional developers
Pitch-perfect UX/UI
Project delivery on-time

Hire an AngularJS Developer

As SoftTeco has been working with AngularJS since 2013, we are well-versed in top-notch web solutions. Our highly skilled developers are proficient in AngularJS tools, IDEs, data libraries, UI, components and best practices. So far, we have successfully completed many projects worldwide and delivered apps across a wide range of industries.

By combining our customer-focused approach with an experienced development team, we develop a web solution that meets business needs and is up to industry standards. To get customized web apps with user-friendly functionality and support for multiple operating systems and platforms, hire AngularJS developers from SoftTeco.

What our clients say

Amit Kadosh

The team managed to achieve impressive results in a short period of time and they flawlessly handed unexpected glitches during the development process.

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What is AngularJS development?

AngularJS development refers to building software using the JavaScript-based open-source frontend framework leveraged by Google. The framework provides developers with tool sets and libraries for developing different kinds of web solutions. Among the most common web solutions are mobile apps, single-page applications (SPAs), ecommerce, real-time apps, social media, and enterprise apps.

With extensive experience in developing software, SoftTeco provides end-to-end AngularJS web development services that focus on developing various web solutions to drive business growth.

Why choose AngularJS for web development?

AngularJS is the preferred framework for building high-quality web products that handle heavy traffic and provide exceptional user experiences. By supporting MVC architecture, dependency injection (DI), two-way data binding, code reuse, and plug-and-play features, it facilitates development and testing, thereby speeding up project delivery time.

As a trusted AngularJS web development company, we are ready to take you through all steps of a web project with your idea in mind to cover all potential business needs.

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