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Healthcare IT Services

The healthcare industry is shifting rapidly towards digitization and SoftTeco is here to become your trusted partner in creating a one-of-a-kind healthcare software solution. Whether you wish to provide better patient care or optimize your daily processes, our healthcare IT services are geared towards excellence, security, and high performance. Being an experienced healthcare technology solution company, we know how to combine excellence with stellar performance.

Healthcare IT Solutions That We Offer

Electronic Health and Medical Records

Store all data in a convenient and centralized repository with instant access to needed documents and complete transparency across departments

Internet of Medical Things

Seamlessly connect all needed medical devices with a secured network and integrate them with the systems and healthcare IT solutions in use

Healthcare Information Systems

Manage, transfer, and store all your healthcare data in a convenient and user-centric system for seamless integration and data analysis

Remote Patient Monitoring

Provide top-grade patient care with our remote patient monitoring solutions and help your patients take better control of their well-being

Communication and Networking

Erase communication bottlenecks and help medical professionals connect and communicate via advanced user-friendly platforms for networking

Cloud Hosting for Health Organizations

Tap into rich cloud possibilities and shift your health organization to the cloud for better operational efficiency and higher security

Medical Billing Software

Replace your legacy billing system with a high-tech medical billing solution and enjoy customizable medical forms, reporting, and other valuable features

Pharmacy Management Software

Streamline your drug dispensing workflows and leverage operational efficiency and actionable data points while reducing business risks and optimizing costs

Laboratory Information Systems

Support and automate your laboratory operations with a feature-rich and user-friendly solution aimed at optimizing your in-lab processes

E-Prescribing Software

Improve the quality of your patient care by implementing an e-prescribing solution for direct transfer of prescriptions from the point-of-care to the pharmacy of choice

Picture Archiving and Communication System

Leverage your work with medical images with an advanced PACS solution for easy image retrieving, storage, and transmission

Healthcare IT Services

COVID-19: How SoftTeco
Contributes to Mitigating
the Impact of the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced healthcare organizations around the world to rapidly adopt digitization for effective mitigation and elimination of the disease. As a software provider with over 15 years of experience in the industry, SoftTeco joined software development companies that decided to take action against the pandemic and developed several free of charge IT solutions for healthcare to help both medical organizations and patients prevent the spread of the disease and monitor its symptoms. 


One of the solutions that we collaborated on is Workhealth – a mobile application that helps prevent the spread of the virus among medical specialists. The application offers users to go through a questionnaire that contains a checklist of symptoms. Upon successful completion of the questionnaire, the app generates a one-time code that an employee has to validate when arriving at work. By checking the symptoms every morning, users can timely identify any warning signs and thus contribute to prevention of the COVID-19 spread.

Visitor Access

Another solution that we worked on is Visitor Access – an application that helps hospitals control the access of visitors to the patients. The application can be used by hospital personnel or guards and contains a list of questions. These questions are aimed at determining whether the visitor has any warning symptoms, so the administrator or a guard can either allow or decline the visit. If the visitor is allowed to visit, the system will display the exact time of the visit and the person responsible for granting access.

Augment Your Healthcare Services

SoftTeco can help you improve patient care, facilitate operations, and maximize the value of your data – all through technology and innovation.

SoftTeco’s Healthcare IT Services

Healthcare IT Support

We provide a variety of healthcare IT support services, including various levels of help desk support, maintenance and monitoring of your existing applications, and assistance with compliance

Healthcare IT Consulting

Whether you want to implement a new healthcare solution or optimize the existing one, we will provide a detailed consultation based on thorough analysis of your IT environment and needs

IT Optimization and Modernization

SoftTeco can optimize and modernize your legacy software so your solution fully corresponds to security and compliance requirements as well as performs on the highest level

Data Analytics

We provide a variety of data analytics services to forecast patient outcomes, optimize treatment plans, take better control over financial management, and analyze employee performance

Machine Learning and Data Science

SoftTeco deploys advanced Machine Learning and Data Science techniques to elevate your current processes and provide you with an in-depth view of your data

Digital Healthcare Development

We can assist you with your digital transformation by seamlessly integrating the needed healthcare software solutions in your existing system

Healthcare Software Security

The healthcare industry demands 100% software security due to the nature of processed and stored data. At SoftTeco, we make sure to follow all needed governmental regulations so our IT healthcare solutions are secured against possible internal and external threats.

Device and data encryption
Design of incident report plans
Control of data accessibility
Implementation of physical safeguards
Endpoint protection
Implementation of administrative safeguards

Why Trust SoftTeco With Your Healthcare Software Solutions?

Rich experience

There are numerous healthcare projects in our portfolio and we keep expanding the number by constantly taking on new challenges. SoftTeco has a solid understanding of the industry and its specific requirements and designs software solutions correspondingly

Skill set

We understand that a high-performing healthcare software solution requires an advanced skill set and knowledge. Thus, we make sure that our developers are well-versed in needed tools and technologies


When working on a project, we ensure maximal transparency in order for everyone to stay on the same page and for stakeholders to always know what’s happening at every project stage

Efficiency and speed

Due to the effective organization of our work processes, SoftTeco never sacrifices quality over speed. Instead, we successfully combine both fast delivery with outstanding results

Self-organization and high level of engagement

All our teams are self-organized and our developers are valued for their engagement and involvement in the projects that they work on


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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is focused on protecting sensitive patient information and is obligatory for all software products used and distributed in the US. At SoftTeco, we make sure that our healthcare software solutions are fully HIPAA-compliant. To accomplish this, we follow a number of security practices that help us maintain the needed level of security and timely identify and eliminate any possible risks.

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The General Data Protection Regulation is an EU regulation focused on data protection and privacy. Same as HIPAA, it requires software development companies to establish and follow security measures to ensure 100% security of the processed data. SoftTeco has successfully implemented these policies and always follows them to achieve complete GDPR compliance.

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In accordance with the HITECH Act, SoftTeco promotes the use and adoption of electronic health records and implementation of healthcare software with an aim to secure the Protected Health Information and serve patients in a more efficient manner.


How can you guarantee high qualifications of your developers?

We understand that in order to achieve the high quality of a software solution, we need to select the best professionals. Hence, our screening process starts with a background check and a technical interview between a client and a developer. In this way, the client can evaluate the developer’s soft and hard skills and see whether they will blend in well with the team. Next, the client can give a developer a test task. As well, SoftTeco encourages all its employees to regularly undergo certifications and exams for continuous improvement of knowledge and skills.

How do you ensure information security?

Being a well-recognized healthcare technology solution company, SoftTeco is certified with the ISO 27001 certification which proves that our company follows the recognized security standards and treats information security with great attention and care. As well, we implement and follow security policies that ensure HIPAA and GDPR compliance so our clients know their sensitive information is well-secured

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