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IoT Development Services

With over 15 years of experience in software development, SoftTeco offers full-fledged IoT development services across a wide range of industries and domains. Take full advantage of our 360-degree Internet of Things expertise to optimize your business workflows and deliver highly customized products.

SoftTeco’s IoT Software Development Services


Users can install a healthcare application on their mobile device of choice and take full control of their well-being as well as facilitate communication with doctors and health centers.

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Fitness and wellness
  • Symptoms checker and monitoring
  • Aggregation of real-time data
  • Virtual assistants
  • Communication with medics 

PatiMedical Professionalsents

Healthcare applications add transparency and automation to everyday processes as well as help providing personalized care to patients.

  • Appointment management
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Medical networking and knowledge exchange
  • Access to EHRs and databases
  • Drug inventory tracking
  • Online consultations

Industry-Specific IoT Solutions That We Deliver

We provide custom Internet of Things development services to businesses from a broad range of industries of varying complexity. Our specialists analyze each industry’s current requirements to deliver an IoT solution to help your business succeed.


  • Remote patient monitoring apps 
  • Glucose monitoring 
  • Automated medical climate control
  • Smart home care 
  • Optimization of hospital operations

Smart Homes & Cities

  • Automated adjusting of street lighting 
  • Video surveillance 
  • Automated control of energy usage
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Smart heating


  • Remote vehicle diagnostics
  • Fleet management & monitoring
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Planning of transportation routes
  • Connected vehicles 


  • Track inventory status in real time
  • Equipment management
  • Overall equipment effectiveness tracking
  • Employee health and safety monitoring
  • Support and maintenance


  • Smart shelves tracking product stock 
  • Delivery operations with sensors
  • Warehouse automation 
  • In-store traffic control 
  • Traffic analysis and mapping of mall shoppers


  • Smartwatch and fitness tracker apps 
  • Monitoring football training apps
  • Facility and venue management apps
  • Health tracking apps for athletes
  • Tracking connected sport equipment 


  • Student attendance management 
  • Tracking learning progress
  • Monitoring students’ activities 
  • Temperature control in premises
  • E-learning 
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Harness the power of our experience in full-fledged IoT development services to leverage the benefits of IoT technology and stand out from your competitors.

Our Internet of Things Development Services

IoT App Development
Wearable App Development 
Edge Computing Setup
Data Center Implementation
IoT Device Management and Network Creation
Data Analytics 
QA and Testing
IoT Device Management and Support

IoT App Development

SoftTeco offers IoT application development services to help companies remotely control their IoT devices from anywhere. Our developers build top-notch mobile apps with great user experience, high-speed load, and an ability to handle huge amounts of user data. We also provide the following services:

  • Remote control of application configuration
  • Integration of applications with devices
  • Mobile and web app development
  • Cross-platform compatibility

Wearable App Development

SoftTeco offers end-to-end app development for wearable devices across various platforms. Right from the creation of a robust backend infrastructure to API integration, we build wearable apps that fulfill your product vision with seamless user experiences. Our expertise involves:

  • Smartwatch app development
  • Fitness tracking app development
  • Android or iOS-based wearable app development
  • Maintenance and support of existing applications

Edge Computing Setup

SoftTeco offers an edge computing setup service for devices to ensure low latency and rapid data offload times. With it, businesses can manage multiple access points and save data storage by processing data in real time. Our expertise includes:

  • Creating an edge infrastructure
  • Grouping devices through an edge device
  • Setting up analytics and reporting tools
  • Handling edge runtimes and modules

Data Center Implementation

With SoftTeco’s data center implementation service, companies can manage massive data volumes generated by their devices. Our experts ensure that your data center continues to meet your organization’s needs as your IoT infrastructure expands. Our service provides:

  • Implementing an IoT data center plan
  • Data center design and architecture
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Data center integration and testing

IoT Device Management and Network Creation

SoftTeco offers a device network creation and management service to build and maintain the network and connect devices to the cloud and other devices. It allows companies to collect, process, and analyze data in real-time more efficiently. This service focuses on:

  • Choosing of suitable Internet of Things devices
  • Designing network architecture
  • Setting up devices and networking them
  • IoT devices monitoring and diagnostics

Data Analytics

To help companies capitalize on valuable data on multiple devices, SoftTeco offers a data analytics service. Our specialists collect, structure, and contextualize the devices’ data in real-time to analyze and transform it into business insights. We also provide:

  • Data visualization web and mobile apps
  • Various visualization methods
  • Customized reports for data by user role
  • Customizable data visualization

QA and Testing

Testing is crucial for ensuring the quality and reliability of connected devices. At SoftTeco, we perform tests on devices, software solutions, and the entire ecosystem to ensure your IoT solution’s security, functionality, and performance. Also, we offer:

  • Validation of protocols, platforms and their interoperability
  • Verification of IoT requirements and architecture
  • Performing regular code reviews and unit testing
  • Automate testing

IoT Device Management and Support

To ensure that IoT devices work properly, the network performs well, and the data processing is performed accurately, rely on SoftTeco. Our device management and support service ensures your devices operate efficiently and securely, maximizing ROI. It includes:

  • Fixing data quality issues
  • App availability and usage issues
  • Identifying and fixing network, server, and app vulnerabilities
  • Adding new features to applications

Our Tech Stack & Verified Expertise

As an IoT software development company, our engineers use the most proven technologies and have rich expertise in them to align with business goals and successfully complete the project. Our Internet of Things tech stack consists of:








Google Cloud 

Microsoft Azure 

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

















Why Choose SoftTeco as Your IoT Software Development Company?

Over 15 years of experience in IoT software development services
ISO 27001 certification for solid data security and management
ISO 9001 certification for quality management system
Certified software developers and BIs
Compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, etc.
In-depth QA testing prior to go-live
Fast time-to-market
A transparent and personalized approach

Features Projects

c2smartlight portfolio

C2 SmartLight

A system for managing smart outdoor lighting solutions

  • Web
evoz portfolio


Advanced solution for baby monitoring
and activity tracking

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web

Client Testimonials

IoT Development Services

SoftTeco continues to be a true partner. Responsive account management providing highly skilled engineers. Highly recommended.


What is IoT software development?

Internet of Things software engineering involves the development of IoT infrastructure using both software and hardware. By implementing Internet of Things software, companies can collect and transmit data in real-time from connected devices and visualize the data to make more informed decisions.

What is IoT application development?

Internet of Things app development consists of creating applications that allow devices, sensors, and machines to communicate with one another and collect data about users. These apps monitor and control various aspects of the real world, from homes and cars to factories and cities.

As an IoT application development company, we help companies build Internet of Things apps that combine sensor data with predictive analytics and ML technologies in compliance with industry standards and users’ needs.

Who is responsible for IoT development?

Internet of Things development involves a variety of roles and skills that each team member needs to master. Among these roles are Internet of Things creators, infrastructure architects, embedded system designers, data scientists, and mainly IoT engineers. 

An engineer creates and develops hardware and software that enables devices to interact seamlessly with other systems. Moreover, they must also know sensors, ML and AI and have experience developing both frontend and backend systems and custom-built firmware.

SoftTeco offers end-to-end Internet of Things development services, with expertise in all of these roles and guaranteed success in every project we undertake.

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