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Connecting smart people with top-tier projects.

Finding the right job is essential, but so is enjoying your work with great colleagues. At SoftTeco, we hold each team member in high regard and are dedicated to fostering a positive, fulfilling workplace that supports our employees’ professional growth.


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Our Values


At SoftTeco, we prioritize trust right from the start, emphasizing mutual support during challenging times. We consciously reject check-in/check-out systems, time trackers with screenshots, and micromanagement.

Instead, SoftTeco embraces rules and policies that encourage self-organization, transparency, honesty, and mutual respect. We believe in collaboration over competition and are committed to providing equal opportunities for all.



At SoftTeco, we provide an extensive knowledge base with around 100 courses spanning various technologies. We also foster collaboration through 25+ internal communities and competence centers. All our managers hold higher technical education and MBA degrees, reflecting our commitment to excellence. 

SoftTeco’s management is eager to discuss your professional goals, aligning your career path with task and project selection. Our team is diverse, with 37% Senior, 38% Middle, and 25% Junior professionals, ensuring a dynamic and balanced workforce.



We prioritize a work environment that consciously avoids micromanagement, excessive control, and unnecessary bureaucracy. Our workplace at SoftTeco is characterized by friendly management that is open to dialogue.

We believe that management’s role is to support you in performing your job effectively. SoftTeco provides convenient time management tools and offers services for direct dialog with managers at all levels. Moreover, within our company, it is customary to address everyone casually, fostering a culture of openness and equality.



We value professionalism over appearance, age, or nationality as we create a collaborative and empowering workplace for all. Our commitment extends to caring for our colleagues’ health through programs such as flu and Covid vaccinations and the Smart Office initiative.

Our corporate services are designed for convenience, and we maintain a flat organizational structure with minimal rules and procedures, ensuring equal treatment for all. We have a relaxed dress code and provide a flexible schedule to promote work-life balance.



At SoftTeco, we place a strong emphasis on employee engagement, which is evident in our impressive statistics. We boast a remarkable 90% employee retention rate, with a substantial 78% of our workforce having dedicated more than three years to our company.

Our commitment to employee satisfaction is further underscored by the impressive 87% level of engagement we achieved in 2022, surpassing the threshold for good engagement, which is considered to be 70% or higher.

Office Work
Hybrid Format
Remote Work

Work Formats


Office Work

You frequently visit one of SoftTeco’s development centers where you are provided with a desk, a comfortable chair, and a monitor. Feel free to personalize your space with a picture of your cat or bring your favorite ficus, making it a welcoming and motivating work environment.


Hybrid Format

You have the flexibility to choose when to work from the office, allowing you to spend less than 51% of your time on-site, while also providing access to free desks in our collaborative co-working zone. 


Remote Work

You work from home or a place of your choice with a secure, stable, and high-speed internet connection. SoftTeco can provide full or partial coverage of co-working expenses if necessary.  

Regardless of the work format you choose, SoftTeco ensures that you receive various benefits.

Comfortable working environment & flexible hours; opportunity for remote work.

Holidays based on the official calendar of your country, regardless of the client.

Relocation opportunities or options to work from SoftTeco’s offices based in other countries.

Health insurance, compensation packages for sports; and corporate discounts from SoftTeco’s partners.

Mentoring, internal knowledge sharing, all-hands meetings, and our corporate English courses.

Comprehensive Career Pathway system designed to facilitate employees’ professional growth and development within the organization.

Corporate events for employees and their families, sponsored by the company; gifts on working anniversaries and professional holidays.

Reasons to Join SoftTeco

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Long-term partnership

When you sign a contract, you do so with SoftTeco and we are responsible for your workload. That means, when a project comes to an end, the company will find another task for you. We are interested in maintaining long-term relationships with all our employees and always give them an opportunity to learn, try other roles, or switch departments, if needed.

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Lack of bureaucracy

The main goal of SoftTeco’s managers is to help you work effectively and in an uninterrupted manner. Thus, we ensure that every employee focuses on their tasks instead of never-ending reporting and bureaucracy. The company provides various opportunities to communicate directly with our C-level executives. This allows us to quickly adapt to changes, receive direct feedback, and eliminate guesswork from the communication between the company and employees.

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Strong engineering culture

Our professional development programs ensure continuous knowledge transfer and education. We strongly encourage mentoring, participation in meetups and external conferences, and self-education via suitable courses. SoftTeco’s unique corporate culture centers around engineers, and we strive to help them excel their skills in every possible way.

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Room for mistake

Everyone can make a mistake. What’s really important is that you realize why it happened and how to make it better the next time. At SoftTeco, employees know there is always room for improvement – so they ask questions, express one’s opinion, and move forward without fearing disapproval. And if SoftTeco makes a mistake, point it out, and we will do our best to fix it.

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Virtual bench

If you have successfully passed an interview with SoftTeco and there is no suitable project for you yet, we will transfer you to the Virtual bench (upon your agreement). That means, your profile is added to our internal system. Next, we will propose you to the clients in the same way we propose our employees. If a suitable project appears, we will offer it for your review.

Current Job Openings

SoftTeco constantly expands its expertise and as we do so, we are in need of top industry talents to help us resolve complex technical challenges and bring innovation to our clients. If you are looking for the next step in your career, we encourage you to explore our Job Openings page and see if your perfect vacancy awaits you.

Career Start

SoftTeco is always willing to work with aspiring talents who are ready to grow and master their professional skills. If you are a junior specialist, do not hesitate to contact us via the form below – we will carefully evaluate your resume and will get in touch with feedback. If there is a training program suitable for your level of skills, expertise and career aspirations, we will invite you for an interview and, if you meet the criteria, make you an offer. SoftTeco is dedicated to actively supporting and investing in the development of young professionals.

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