VisitorAccess Application for Medical Facilities

In the light of COVID-19 pandemic, SoftTeco and Kanda Software developed a solution for monitoring the access of visitors to the patients. The aim of the product is to prevent the spread of the disease among patients and employees of healthcare establishments by timely identifying symptoms among visitors.

The solution is freely distributed under the MIT license and is intended for use by hospitals and medical facilities worldwide. We hope our product will help your organization keep both patients and employees healthy. 

What is VisitorAccess?

VisitorAccess is an application that runs on desktop and mobile devices. The intended users of the application are hospital guards and/or administrators who monitor and control visits to the patients.

The application has an easy interface and does not demand employee training or education. Therefore, it is suitable for any user and does not require the investment of additional resources.

What is VisitorAccess?

How It Works

Below is the description of a visitor control process.<

  1. A visitor approaches a security guard or an administrator (an app user) and asks for permission for a visit.
  2. A security guard or an administrator opens an application and logs in.
  3. A security guard or an administrator asks the visitor the details about the patient – either a name or a floor where the patient is.
  4. A security guard or an administrator searches for a patient in a system. Upon finding the patient, a user can see whether the limit of people per hospital room is reached or whether a patient has another visitor.
  5. If the number of visitors is not reached or the patient does not have any visitors, the user then uses an in-app survey to ask visitor questions regarding their state of health. The questions are designed to determine whether a visitor might threaten the health state of patients.
  6. After ticking off the visitor’s answers in the system, a security guard or an administrator will then see if the visitor is allowed to visit or no (based on the answers).

If the visitor is granted access, the system will automatically track the time of the visit and the person responsible for granting access. 

How It Works

How VisitorAccess can benefit your organization

VisitorAccess is an easy and efficient tool for monitoring the density of visitors and tracking down the exact time when every visit occurred. 

The use of this product alongside a short yet efficient survey can help hospitals and medical facilities increase the safety of their patients and employees and mitigate the possibility of a disease spread.

Technological Breakdown

Front-end and mobile: React / React Native, React Navigation, Redux, Redux-Persist.

Back-end: Express, Sequelize, Swagger, MySQL.

Technological Breakdown

Integration of VisitorAcces in your system

To integrate VisitorAccess in your system, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. The technical specialists need to access the repository on GitHub.
  2. Read the README backend file and perform the described actions (Start server and db)
  3. Go to your server and deploy the application by using the commands from the “Start server” section.
  4. Go to the “Visitor Access Frontend” folder.
  5. Enter your URL in the entry. Once this is done, you can deploy the application.

SoftTeco will gladly assist you with the application’s installation and will consult you on any questions that occurred. We invite you to use the VisitorAccess application and offer its assistance at any stage of the application use process. For any questions, please contact us on [email protected].

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