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SoftTeco offers full-cycle backend development services aimed at strengthening your business. We can help you seamlessly scale while keeping your data secured, and we know how to make your application work in order to bring you maximal profit.

SoftTeco’s Backend Development Services

Mobile App Backend Development

SoftTeco designs backends for both native and cross-platform mobile applications as well as for wearables and smart devices. Whatever domain your app belongs to, we will make sure that its backend part follows the industry standards for quality and security so your app functions seamlessly and the data is stored and processed safely.

Web Backend Development

Web performance is one of the biggest challenges and we can help you resolve it with our web backend development services. Our team can significantly speed up your web product via a stable and scalable backend. We can also optimize the performance of your high-load system so it handles all requests efficiently.

Cloud Migration / Backend Development

Whether you need to migrate to the cloud or to build a cloud backend solution from scratch, we are here to help. SoftTeco has extensive experience in working with the biggest cloud providers and our software engineers regularly undergo certifications from Amazon and Microsoft to constantly level up their skills and knowledge.

API Integration and Development

SoftTeco can develop custom APIs to integrate your system with all needed third-party applications and services. Our API integration and development services can help you enhance your business by bringing together all needed software products without a hassle.

Custom Backend Development

If you need a specific custom solution, we at SoftTeco are always ready to help. With an extensive experience in various backend tools and technologies, we know how to create robust infrastructures, secure APIs, and databases that are able to handle massive loads of various data types and formats.

IoT Backend Development

We understand how important it is to have a stable backend for an IoT system and we are highly experienced in working with such systems. Our team can develop a solution that would seamlessly store and process all your heterogeneous data from multiple connected devices and will effectively analyze it to generate high-value reports.

Empower your application with a robust and secure backend solution and enjoy swift data processing and frictionless app performance

Benefits of Working With SoftTeco


Cutting-Edge Technologies

To ensure the highest quality of our backend services, we use the latest and time-tested backend development technologies that help us realize your ideas and speed up the development process


Full-Cycle Development

SoftTeco offers full-cycle backend development services. Starting with business analysis and ending with post-launch support, we will make sure your backend solution is designed in full correspondence with your business goals


High Level of Security

At SoftTeco, we follow security best practices to ensure our solutions are protected against internal and external threats. In this way, you can rest assured that your data is safeguarded and that an app can be accessed by authorized users only


High Scalability

As your business expands, so do our solutions. When entrusting SoftTeco with backend software development, you can rest assured our software products will expand in accordance with your natural business growth

Featured Projects

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Advanced cybersecurity platform for banking and retail

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golf club portfolio

Golf Club

The AI-powered analyzer of golf players

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Hire a Backend Developer

Being in software development industry since 2008, SoftTeco has gained rich experience in developing robust and secure backend applications. Our backend engineers are well-versed in the most common backend technologies and have rich experience working with apps from the most various domains.

What our clients say

Gisle Sjöberg

I’m glad that I was able to make the working process of my employees easier and more efficient thanks to SoftTeco’s software development abilities.


What is the most suitable programming language for backend development?

There is no universal answer to this question since every software project has specific requirements towards technologies in use and server-side technologies have to be compatible with client-side technologies. The most common languages for backend development are .NET, PHP, Node.js, Python, Go, and Scala. At SoftTeco, our developers are highly experienced with all these languages and know what technologies work best for each language.

How do you ensure the security of your backend solutions?

Since backend is a highly important part of any software application due to data processing and storage, it is vital to develop it with security in mind. Being an ISO 27001 certified backend development company, SoftTeco has established and is following security standards and policies that help us deliver highly secured software solutions. As well, we follow the continuous testing approach which allows us to detect any vulnerabilities at early stages of the development and timely eliminate them.

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