5 Ways How Enterprise Messaging Benefits Your Business

Enterprise messaging has now become a common thing. Almost any professional team uses Slack (or similar messaging tools) and even has some sort of an enterprise messenger that was designed for a specific company.

But are business messaging apps really needed so much considering there are already emails, live meetings, and regular personal interactions? Actually yes, they do bring lots of tangible benefits to a company. Below we list the most notable ways how enterprise messengers impact your business.

5 Ways How Enterprise Messaging Benefits Your Business

Enterprise messaging: definition and examples

If we go with the official definition, the enterprise messaging platform is an interface that enables “program to program” messaging between the systems within an enterprise. But in simple terms, it is a secure messenger that is used within an enterprise for internal communications.

Good examples of enterprise messengers would be Slack, Microsoft Teams, Twist, Zoho Cliq. Such messengers usually support not only the chat option but also the file exchange, different messaging formats (audio and video calls), in-built notifications, and other useful features. 

So what are the biggest benefits that make companies all over the world opt for the enterprise messengers? Let’s have a closer look at each.

Increased efficiency and speed

Communication via email or in-person is something traditional – but unfortunately, it has several serious cons. First, people simply may take too much time to open and read an email. That means important or even urgent information may go unnoticed. Second, personal meetings may consume too much time, a person may forget to tell important information, or the meeting may simply be poorly organized.

Messengers efficiently solve all these problems. The most convincing argument to keep in mind is probably the fact that emails have about a 23% average open rate while messengers have about a 90% average open rate. Therefore, if an employee receives a notification on a messenger, chances for immediately reading it and sending a reply become much higher. This is especially useful if a person is out of office or away from a workplace: in this case, they can immediately notify the colleagues about the absence,

As well, messengers help people communicate their thoughts in a clear and concise manner by avoiding unnecessary information and staying focused on the topic of discussion. All that leads to faster and more efficient communication which, in turn, has a positive impact on overall productivity.

Communication transparency

Another important aspect that impacts the overall business productivity and work efficiency is the transparency of communication.

It often happens that there are many departments working together on the same project. If communication between these departments is not organized well enough, there will inevitably be misunderstandings and communication issues, leading to delays and mistakes in the project.

An enterprise messenger successfully resolves this issue by uniting all parties involved in one place. In this way, every team member knows what others are doing and what are their responsibilities. As well, it becomes easier for every team member to track the project progress and to always know the status of tasks and scope of work.


It goes without saying that messengers, in general, process and store huge amounts of sensitive data. Thus, the primary point of concern for any messenger would be data security. Due to the sensitive nature of processes data, enterprise messengers usually provide a high level of security.

The whole point of enterprise messaging systems is to enable secure internal communication within the company. For that, developers need to follow best security practices for enterprise applications development – you can read a detailed article by the CTO of SoftTeco here. 

If we sum up, enterprise messengers can guarantee a high level of security for your company and you can rest assured that all the data and information are protected.

Use of chatbots and AI

Automatization a big benefit as it significantly speeds up the work processes and eliminates minor errors that often hurt user experience. So with the rise of enterprise messaging, such technologies as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning also rose in popularity and have become an integral part of enterprise messengers.

The most popular use of AI in enterprise messaging is probably the use of chatbots. Chatbots have already claimed their value across various industries, from medicine to e-commerce, and now they have become an important part of enterprise messaging as well.

With chatbots, messenger users can obtain the needed information and perform certain operations in a much faster and more efficient manner. This has a significant impact on overall user satisfaction, leading to better productivity.

Increased user satisfaction and engagement

One more big benefit of enterprise messengers is better user satisfaction and engagement. Though these aspects are not as “tangible” as app security or increased work efficiency, they are still very important.

Due to the nature of messengers (such as immediate notifications and responding), it becomes easier for the users to track the internal news and events and to always stay informed. Teams can collaborate on a more efficient level too, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page.

Second, messengers can quickly and efficiently share not only information but files and geolocations as well as they can provide assistance via the chatbot. Thus, users do not need to spend too much time searching for information, issue resolution, or negotiation. This has a huge impact on user satisfaction which, in turn, contributes to increased loyalty and satisfaction.


Enterprise messenger is a useful tool that offers efficient information exchange in a highly secure way. But in order for the enterprise messenger to truly bring value to an organization, it is important to include not only basic messaging features but also those features that are needed for a specific company. 

SoftTeco has rich experience in building enterprise-grade software products, including enterprise messengers. We will gladly create a robust solution that will 100% adhere to the needs of your company and will make a tangible contribution to the overall business process.

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