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IT Outsourcing Services

Meet all your tech needs with limitless opportunities for digital transformation. SoftTeco’s outsourced IT services include a wide range of solutions aimed at helping companies improve their operations through state-of-art digitization. From IT consulting to full-cycle development, we offer our clients solutions to their technical challenges and support them at every step of the way.

Your Outsourcing Options

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Staff Augmentation

If you need extra resources or need to cover specific skill gaps, strengthen your team with our professionals. Quickly respond to your business objectives while retaining full control over the team.

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Dedicated Team

Get a full team of experts managed by SoftTeco’s Project Manager to tackle your tech challenge and deliver the requested results within the defined timeframe and budget. Delegate project management and delivery to the team and focus on other critical tasks instead.

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Complete IT Outsourcing

Not only does SoftTeco take the responsibility for carrying out your IT project but also for its quality and mitigation of possible bottlenecks. Our experts will manage every stage of the project and will be responsible not only for its delivery but for decision-making as well.

SoftTeco’s IT Outsourcing Services

Custom Software Development

Do you need a unique software product to cover all your current and future tech needs? As an IT outsourcing company, SoftTeco can design an innovative solution, tailored precisely to the needs of your business and in full correspondence with your requirements and vision.

A one-of-a-kind solution built specifically for your needs
A team of experts will take full responsibility for the project
A powerful technological asset to enhance your business
An advanced tool to optimize your processes and increase efficiency

Web and Mobile Development

Augment your business with a high-performing user-centric application, either for the web or for mobile. With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, SoftTeco has delivered hundreds of successful applications to industry leaders worldwide. Bring your employees and customers closer and streamline your in-house operations via a single point of contact.

Increased transparency of all communication and processes
High data security established in accordance with international standards
A better way to reach out to customers and employees
Automation and digitization of mundane tasks

Quality Assurance

With our 360-degree software testing, the SoftTeco team ensures that your software solution adheres to the needed security and quality standards and performs as intended. Our continuous testing approach helps us detect any issues in advance and mitigate them in the early stages so the final product operates without a glitch.

Reduced costs due to early detection of bugs and their elimination
High product quality and seamless performance
Increased user satisfaction due to high usability
Facilitated maintenance after the product launch

Machine Learning & Data Science

Machine Learning coupled with Data Science helps businesses extract the hidden value in their data and use these insights to their advantage. Our ML experts can design a state-of-art predictive analytics model to forecast future opportunities and our Data Scientists can process and analyze the available data so it fuels your business.

Both holistic and pinpoint views of your data
Forecast of future opportunities that can help adjust your strategy correspondingly
Automation and optimization of certain tasks and processes
Higher efficiency and accuracy of data analysis and processing

UX/UI Design

Design is the core factor in forming the first impression of your brand so it’s critical to invest a significant amount of expertise and effort in its creation. SoftTeco’s design team can help convey your brand’s message to the target audience through stunning visuals and exceptional UX/UI.

Creation of a consistent and unique brand identity
Redesign of your current product to improve user experience
Responsive design that performs equally well on all needed platforms
Enhanced user experience and increased conversion rate

Cloud Computing

With certified experts on the team, SoftTeco provides a variety of cloud-related services and is well familiar with the most popular IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS products by the biggest cloud providers. We work with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean and provide comprehensive consulting before outlining the perfect solution.

Seamless migration of your current product to the cloud 
Design of the project infrastructure
Significant optimization of your current costs
Feasibility assessment

Industries that We Work With


Delegate your software project to a reliable provider and rest assured that SoftTeco will deliver the highest quality in full accordance with industry standards.

Why SoftTeco?

Solid security
Quick delivery
Rich experience in the IT industry
Pitch-perfect UX/UI
Fast response time

What our clients say

Elad Falckovitch

We were looking for a partner who would not only develop our product but would also share our passion for innovation and technology and SoftTeco turned out to be the perfect fit.

waycare potfolio


Urban services facilitation app

  • Web
movado portfolio


A web portal for international watchmaking conglomerate

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How can IT outsourcing optimize and reduce my development costs?

The proper IT outsourcing strategy can lead up to 2X the efficiency of your current IT operations and it can significantly cut down your development costs. The reason for that is that outsourced IT services are usually more affordable than hiring in-house professionals. Another reason is that IT outsourcing companies have years of experience in specific domains and adopt best practices (DevOps, Agile, Continuous testing, etc.) to speed up and improve your operations maximally.

How can I be sure about the qualifications of your developers?

To ensure the highest quality of your project, we carefully select the best professionals to work on it. We start with a background check and technical interviews where the client can talk to a developer and evaluate their hard and soft skills. Also, developers can do test tasks (if needed) from the client. And obviously, SoftTeco’s developers regularly undergo certifications and exams to make sure their skills and knowledge are on the required level.

How can I be sure about information security when working with an outsourced company?

We highly recommend working with an IT outsourcing company that has a robust Information Management System implemented and that follows all the needed compliance and regulations (GDPR, HIPAA etc.). An internationally recognized certification also serves as a token of trust. SoftTeco is certified with the ISO 27001 certification which proves that our company follows the recognized security standards and treats information security with great attention and care.

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