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Magento Development Services

SoftTeco offers extensive Magento development services to power up your ecommerce store and deliver superior user experience that will result in a stable and high ROI.

With endless customization possibilities and support for B2C and B2B businesses, Magento is one of the most powerful and popular ecommerce platforms, and SoftTeco knows its way around it. Our Magento developers can not only set up your store but fine-tune it precisely for your business and add all needed extensions and integrations. And the best thing about it: the store will grow together with your business due to the high scalability of the platform.

Magento Development Services by SoftTeco


Magento offers numerous customization possibilities, so every business can fine-tune it in accordance with their brand, vision, and preferences. SoftTeco provides Magento development and customization services to make the platform meet your specific requirements. 


From Magento setup to integration, SoftTeco can take full care of managing your store and bringing it to life. We will launch a full-featured solution that will attract your customers and bring you tangible financial results in a short period of time.


Whether you are using another ecommerce platform or want to migrate from your outdated Magento 1, we got you covered. Our Magento development agency will seamlessly migrate your store, keeping all the data perfectly save and minimizing the downtimes so your store keeps functioning.

UX/UI Design

The UX/UI design of an ecommerce store is a significant factor in attracting and retaining customers and promoting conversions. At SoftTeco, we know how to design user flows that will lead to conversion completion and how to make your store stand out.

Performance Optimization

Due to Magento’s rich functionality, the platform may provide insufficient performance if not configured correctly. Our team can analyze your store, identify existing issues, and implement needed optimizations to boost the performance of your platform.


If you feel like your store does not perform to its fullest or something is in the way of conversions, let us do the work. We offer troubleshooting services aimed at eliminating bottlenecks and making Magento great again.

Your ecommerce business deserves rich functionality and stunning presentation, and Magento offers a perfect combination of both. Let SoftTeco handle the store setup and help your business bloom.

Benefits of Magento Marketplace Development


Great Customization

Magento services include near-endless customization opportunities, thus enabling businesses to configure the store exactly as they need it. This contributes to better brand visibility and improved user experience.


Reliable Performance

Magento is a highly reliable platform with built-in security features aimed at minimizing possible security risks. As well, Magento offers a highly stable performance, thus ensuring consistent functioning of your store.


Support for B2C and B2B

Whether you work with B2C or B2B clients (or both), Magento provides all needed functionality. With an array of specialized B2B features, the platform offers great versatility and is perfect for businesses of any type.


High Scalability

This platform will grow together with business, so you won’t have to worry about the increasing workload and its impact on the store performance. Magento will guarantee stability and quality while adjusting to the changing conditions. 

Hire Magento Developers

SoftTeco offers you an experienced team of developers ready to work on projects of any size and complexity. We offer Magento development services for both B2C and B2B businesses across the industries, and we know all ins and outs of Magento and how to make it work to its full potential.

Why SoftTeco?

Solid security
Quick delivery
Rich experience in the IT industry
Pitch-perfect UX/UI
Fast response time

What our clients say

Mika Saryan

SoftTeco is always able to find necessary resources very quickly; whether for short term project or longer term engagement, they seem to have access to a broad set of talent. All resources from SoftTeco are really dedicated to project success and often go above and beyond to reach the goal. They take pride in their work and are always proactive in surfacing improvements to the code. SoftTeco's team communication skills are very strong. They integrated really well with our team and were able to adjust working hours to allow for longer overlap with US engineers.

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