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Deliver comprehensive banking services across any digital channel without the need to establish physical bank branches. With SoftTeco’s neobank development services, you can effortlessly tap into digital banking and establish a strong presence in the fintech market.


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Why Partner With SoftTeco for Neobank Development?

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Quick delivery

After we receive the confirmation of your registration in the charter bank, we start the infrastructure deployment and will deliver the requested solution in several months only.

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Concurrent digital transformation

We can work on the digital transformation of your current IT environment without disrupting the main operational flow, thus ensuring that your business remains functioning during software optimization.

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Unique solutions for every client

We precisely tailor every solution to the unique needs of our clients by conducting thorough audits and using our deep industry knowledge to propose the best solution in accordance with your current assets and desired goals.

How Can SoftTeco Help You Tap Into Fintech Digital Transformation?

We understand that our clients have different IT environments and thus, have different needs when it comes to digital banking. SoftTeco therefore offers two main service categories:

Custom Neobank Platform Development

Perfect for those who request developing a neobank solution from scratch and do not have an existing fintech environment. In the case of custom neobank development, SoftTeco provides you with a white-label fintech solution, equipped with core banking features, that can be personalized exactly how you need it. 

Digital Transformation of an Existing Environment

If you already use a fintech solution or have digital banking processes in place but want to streamline and expand them, SoftTeco offers digital transformation of your current environment. After assessing your available resources and matching them with your business goals, we perform a setup of a full-featured neobank based on your existing system.

Audit of your current assets
Compliance check 
Implementation of needed features
Addition of integrations

Launch your neobank platform in 70 business days and establish a strong digital presence in the fintech industry with SoftTeco

Fintech Services for Neobank Development

Discover a full range of services that we deliver to fintech companies and individuals to help them build a neobank that would precisely meet their needs:

Custom product development
Neobank development consulting
Real-Time Digital Twin Creation 
Optimization and Modernization
Maintenance & Support

Custom product development

SoftTeco offers custom development of a neobank solution, including the implementation of all required features and neobank app development. We will also take care of ensuring the platform’s compliance with core regulations and will offer you ongoing consulting services and support.

  • Platform design and development
  • Integrations with core banking systems
  • Mobile application development 
  • Testing & QA services

Neobank development consulting

If you are considering neobank solutions development but are not sure what exactly would be the best option for your business, SoftTeco offers consulting services, aimed at clarifying your goals and selecting the best solution to meet them.

  • Analysis of available resources and markets to enter
  • Definition of your business goals and KPIs
  • Creation of a business strategy
  • Estimation of the neobank development cost

Real-Time Digital Twin Creation 

In accordance with the Digital Operational Resilience Act, SoftTeco offers development of a real-time digital twin to safeguard the operation of your business in case of a market disruption. In this way, you receive a comprehensive backup of all your data and processes that are easy to recover. 

  • DORA compliance
  • Effective risk management
  • Real-time digital twinning
  • Quick business recovery 

Optimization and Modernization

Is your current digital banking solution falling short of expectation? If you feel like it’s underperforming, our team is ready to help you out. We will modernize your legacy software, eliminate bottlenecks and useless components, and improve the performance in correspondence with the industry standards.

  • Refactoring and redesign
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Implementation of new features
  • Platform migration (upon request)

Maintenance & Support

A neobank solution is a highly complex platform that requires constant updates and improvements. SoftTeco’s maintenance and support services are aimed at ensuring the constant high level of security and performance of your platform. 

  • 24/7 support
  • Software patching and updating
  • Elimination of technical issues 
  • Implementation of improvements


SoftTeco can help you ensure the regulatory compliance of your software and double-check that it meets the requirements of the major fintech regulations, such as DORA, MiCAR, and ISO. Our compliance services are aimed at ensuring security of the data and operational resilience of your neobank solution.

  • Compliance with core fintech regulations
  • Audit of your neobank solution
  • Actionable recommendations on platform improvements
  • Assistance with implementing needed changes

Custom AML and KYC System Development 

Anti-Money Laundering and Know-Your-Customer systems are critical for any modern fintech business. To enhance the security of your neobank solution, SoftTeco offers custom development of AML and KYC systems. 

Anti-Money Laundering

Our intelligent, AI-based AML screening helps financial organizations comply with core regulations and timely detect any fraudulent activity with its further successful elimination. We offer constant monitoring and ensure full compliance with KYC and FATF’s recommendations on the risk-based approach through our advanced AML solution.

Real-time monitoring of transactions
Customization of alerts
Automated generation of Suspicious Activity Reports


SoftTeco offers the development of a powerful Know-Your-Customer system to help you establish a secure digital environment and timely detect any potential threats. We can seamlessly integrate our KYC solution in your current system and fine-tune it in full accordance with your business requirements.

Secured transmission of data
ML-based user verification
Support of electronic digital signatures
Advanced analytics and reporting 

Regulatory Compliance

Cryptocurrency regulation and digital operations compliance


Neobank Development Company
Neobank Development Company

Customer identification and anti-financial crime adherence


Neobank Development Company
Neobank Development Company

Compliance with financial standards

SEC Regulation SCI, SOX

Neobank Development Company
Neobank Development Company

Security regulation mechanisms


Neobank Development Company
Neobank Development Company

Data encryption methods

SSL/TLS, EV SSL, code signing certificates

Neobank Development Company
Neobank Development Company

Data protection compliance


Neobank Development Company
Neobank Development Company

Accessibility standards adherence


Neobank Development Company
Neobank Development Company

Payment security requirements


Neobank Development Company
Neobank Development Company

Assurance of third-party integrations and services security

Neobank Development Company
Neobank Development Company

Integration of information security and quality management standards

ISO 27001, ISO 9001

Neobank Development Company
Neobank Development Company

Software license compliance

Neobank Development Company
Neobank Development Company

Why Choose SoftTeco for Neobank Development Services?

Unparalleled quality and security
A wide range of services
Transparency at every stage
High resources availability and low attrition
Full compliance with core banking regulations
Flexible and efficient development process

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