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Frontend Development Services

Being an experienced frontend development company, SoftTeco can help you create memorable user experiences via a captivating and user-centered frontend. First impression matters – let us create one for your clients and augment your software products.

SoftTeco’s Frontend Services


Custom Frontend Development Services

SoftTeco has rich experience in frontend development and can create a custom solution tailored specifically for your business needs.


UX/UI Development

Our team of UX/UI experts provides extensive frontend services and can create rich user interfaces with captivating design and powerful visual elements to attract users and reflect the nature of your brand.


Single Page Application Development

For better user experience and higher usability, SoftTeco offers the creation of Single Page Applications that are highly user-centric and powerful at the same time.


Progressive Web Application Development

One more frontend service that SoftTeco offers is the creation of a high-performing PWA solution for your business to bring the ultimate user experience to your customers.

SoftTeco designs user-centric and captivating frontends for applications of all types and across all industries. We deliver unmatched user experience through captivating design and we know how to attract and retain users.

Technologies that We Use

React Frontend Development

A perfect choice for feature-rich, customizable apps with interactive and complex user interfaces.

  • Great performance: due to the use of virtual DOM and server-side rendering, React shows a high level of performance, thus speeding up even the most complex apps.
  • Scalability and customization: React has a number of features (i.e., a component-based library) that allow a high level of customization and great scalability.
  • Fast delivery: React has an extensive set of efficient and user-friendly tools that facilitate the development process and significantly speed it up.
react icon
react icon

Angular Frontend Development

A solution for when you need a high-performing app of any complexity level, from a startup app to an enterprise-grade one.

  • High security: Angular has built-in protections against the most common threats and thus provides a higher level of security when developing an app.
  • Rich functionality: Angular comes with a vast set of tools that greatly facilitate the development process and eliminate the need for third-party resources.
  • Opinionated structure: the Angular framework guides developers through how the app’s architecture should look like and in this way, development becomes much easier.
  • Easy debugging and maintenance: since Angular is Typescript-based, it allows detecting any bugs at an early stage and thus facilitates overall maintenance.
angular icon
angular icon

Why Choose SoftTeco as Your Frontend Development Company?

Solid security
Quick delivery
Rich experience in the IT industry
Pitch-perfect UX/UI
Fast response time

Hire a Frontend Developer

Frontend is a crucial part of any software product and its development should be carried out by experienced software engineers. At SoftTeco, we have over 15 years of experience in creating beautiful and user-focused frontends for all kinds of software products. From enterprise-grade complex apps to lightweight mobile applications, we know our way around frontend development and use the latest technologies to bring your vision to life.

Featured projects



An e-learning platform dedicated to European football

  • Web
c2smartlight portfolio

C2 SmartLight

A system for managing smart outdoor lighting solutions

  • Web


What programming language do you suggest for the frontend development?

While there are many suitable languages, we at SoftTeco prefer working with Angular and React mainly. However, our developers also have experience with other languages such as Vue.js and we can work on such projects, if needed.

How can I be sure in the qualifications of SoftTeco’s frontend developers?

We understand that in order to match the client’s expectations and requirements, we need to attract top talents to the projects. Thus, SoftTeco always encourages software engineers to undergo various trainings and certifications to constantly improve one’s skills and knowledge. Our clients can also test the developer’s skills and expertise during the technical interview and by providing a test task.

How is SoftTeco different from other frontend development companies?

We believe that a great company is made by great people and we are proud of our SoftTeco Team. With over 500 experts on board, our frontend development company constantly expands its expertise and a range of services and is always staying up to date with technological innovations and trends. Throughout 15 years of our work, we’ve gained rich experience across many industries and have worked with businesses of all sizes. Such versatile experience allows us to be highly flexible and innovative – all this backed up with solid knowledge and experience.

How much does it cost to hire a frontend developer?

The cost of hiring a frontend developer will depend on the developer’s experience and the level of seniority. The hiring rates will also depend on the developer’s location: for example, in Eastern Europe rates are much lower than rates in the US.

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