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Performance Testing & Load Testing Services

Flawless app functioning drives memorable user experiences, and SoftTeco can help you achieve that. With our performance testing and load testing services, we make sure that your app is responsive, scalable, and swift and can handle both current and expected load.

SoftTeco’s Performance Testing and Load Testing Services

Performance testing services are crucial for any software product as they help identify bottlenecks, evaluate how well the app handles the load, and help assess the app’s stability. There are several types of tests provided by SoftTeco.

Load Testing

When providing load testing services, our team will put your system under several load variations to evaluate how well the app handles the expected load and how stable it remains. In case we face any bottlenecks, we will identify their causes and will provide you with actionable solutions.

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Scalability Testing

It’s critical that your system is able to scale up and down as the load varies in volume. SoftTeco will test the scalability of your app with an aim to identify at which point the scaling stops during the sudden load spike and how we can fix that to ensure consistent performance. 

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Endurance Testing

This performance testing service implies evaluating how well your system handles excessive load over an extensive period of time. During the process, we identify how the consistent load impacts the app’s response time and whether the system needs to be optimized.

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Stress Testing

Sometimes the load exceeds the expected maximum – hence, SoftTeco tests how your system behaves under the extreme load. We monitor error handling, robustness, and availability of the system in “stress conditions” and identify what can be optimized and how. 

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Stability Testing

It is crucial that your application delivers equally high performance under specified conditions. SoftTeco tests the app’s stability to evaluate how well the system performs over an extended period of time and what maintenance activities might be required in the case of downtime.

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Deliverables That We Provide

To maintain a holistic approach to the app evaluation and ensure that nothing is missed, our performance testing company provides the following deliverables before, during, and after the process:

Detailed strategy

Includes the definition of requirements, metrics, project scope, design of performance tests, etc.

Defect tracking log

A detailed report on found bugs and defects that facilitates the process of debugging and improves overall visibility.

Performance test scripts

A simulation of user’s actions on the app with an aim to better control the performance of the system.

Test results report

A detailed report on results with actionable recommendations on further improvements.

Maintain a consistently high response time and ensure performance excellence with SoftTeco’s performance testing services. 

The Main Steps of Our Performance and Load Testing Services

Here is how we carry out software performance testing services at SoftTeco.


Requirements Analysis

Since every software project is individual, our first step is to analyze requirements and understand what exactly you want to achieve. This information will serve as a base for further activities and will help us define the deliverables. 


Planning and Test Design

The next stage involves choosing the most suitable tools, definition of performance testing scenarios, definition of metrics, and team assembly. In other words, we determine how exactly we will test your system and how the results will be measured.


Test Environment Configuration

Our team carefully sets up the testing environment and configures it in the needed way. During this stage, we ensure that your app will be tested exactly how we need it and that the environment will properly emulate real-life scenarios.


Running of Test Scripts

During this stage, the actual testing happens. At SoftTeco, we use both manual and automated approaches to achieve maximal results and use a combination of tools that allows us to effectively achieve the defined deliverables.


Results Analysis

The analysis stage is very important as it helps us identify the existing bottlenecks, areas for improvement, and events that slow down the response time. By using this information, we decide how your system can be optimized further.



After analyzing the test results, we provide you with detailed recommendations on future improvements. These recommendations are aimed at augmenting the seamless functioning of your system, eliminating weak areas, and making your app more reliable.


System Retesting

After suggested recommendations are implemented, SoftTeco offers to retest your system to check whether the performance improved. We will once again collect the data and analyze it to see whether any additional adjustments are needed.

Benefits of Our Performance Testing and Load Testing Services

Regular audits bring numerous benefits, both to your business and your customers. Learn what impact performance testing service can have on your application and your business objectives.

Performance Review

When a system faces an unexpected load spike, in most cases you can’t predict how it will act. Performance of tests sheds light on the overall functioning of your app and helps understand whether the system is capable of scaling and remaining responsive and reliable.

Seamless Quality

Whether you need to prepare an app for a release or want to double-check an already launched product, SoftTeco can help you with optimizing its performance and identifying bottlenecks and issues that prevent your app from functioning at a maximal capacity.

Budget Optimization

Performance testing not only helps identify the existing issues but also helps prepare for future unexpected events and mitigate them. And with the help of a reusable testing suite, you can independently evaluate the performance of your app without the need to hire external experts.

Robust Security

The more reliable and consistent your app is, the higher is its security. When performing various tests, you minimize the chance of a malicious attack since your system will remain responsive and functioning under any given condition.

User Satisfaction

Seamless performance equals great user experience. And happy users are more likely to continue engaging with your software product. Application performance testing services ensure a positive user experience, resulting in increased conversions and increased loyalty.

Why Choose SoftTeco for Application Performance Testing Services?

Rapid Start
Being an experienced performance testing and load testing company, we have established a time-tested approach that allows us to quickly dive into the specifics of your project. It will take us from 1 to 3 days to study your system and 2–3 weeks to deliver the first results.
Rich Expertise
With over 15 years of experience, SoftTeco has a solid experience and knowledge of the most advanced and effective techniques and methodologies. We always treat each project individually and strive to equip you with actionable tips for further independent implementation.
Flexible Pricing
SoftTeco offers several pricing models (T&M, fixed price, dedicated team) to help the clients adjust their budget with needed load and performance testing services. Before the beginning of work, we will discuss the project and together, come up with the most suitable pricing model.
Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, and our performance testing and load testing services are no exception. At SoftTeco, we closely monitor the latest trends and tools and implement them in our process, thus improving the quality of our services.

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