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Sports Software Development

As the sports sector rapidly grows, companies in this domain must strengthen their online presence to maintain a competitive edge. Sports and fitness businesses can benefit from SoftTeco’s innovative sports software development to maximize athletes’ potential and help them achieve peak results.

SoftTeco’s Sports Software Solutions

Well-Being Solutions

SoftTeco creates well-being solutions to promote holistic lifestyle and wellness to users. By using our customized applications, players, coaches, and athletes can easily monitor and maintain their health through 24/7 monitoring and data analysis.

  • Fitness tracking software
  • Mental health software
  • Nutritional guidance 
  • Stress management apps

Motion Analysis Software

SoftTeco designs motion analysis solutions to analyze and track users’ motion and muscle activity. Our feature-rich applications captures and analyzes motion data, giving users valuable insights and advice on how to enhance their workouts.

  • Kinesiology software
  • 3D modeling 
  • Motion tracking systems
  • Kinesiology motion capture software

Personal Training Software

SoftTeco offers training software to help users plan, track, and optimize training programs. Our developers build high-quality, reliable training solutions to capture and transform data into useful insights, leading to more personalized training.

  • Workout tracking software
  • Training fitness assessment system
  • Training for analytical solutions 
  • Personal workout library

Gym Management Systems

SoftTeco designs advanced systems for fitness clubs and gyms to streamline their operations and improve user engagement. We create customized solutions with a centralized system for easy management of members, schedules, payments, and collaboration.

  • Fitness equipment software
  • Membership management software
  • Schedule booking app
  • Personal training management

Wearable Applications 

SoftTeco designs user-centric wearable solutions so users can expand their capabilities via a convenient user experience. We create apps for wearable devices to monitor health parameters, track physical activity, and make smarter fitness recommendations.

  • Health and fitness wearable apps
  • Smartwatch apps
  • AR and VR wearable apps
  • Navigation and location apps

Web Portals Development

SoftTeco offers web development to boost user engagement and elevate online presence of organizations via engaging portals. We create visually appealing, functional, and custom solutions that connect fans and promote team events effectively.

  • Feature-rich websites
  • Sport event platforms
  • News platforms
  • Fitness and training portals
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Unlock the potential of sports and fitness with our cutting-edge app development services – transform your training, engage fans like never before, and take your business to new heights with SoftTeco. 

Our Sports Software Development Services

Custom Software Development

SoftTeco designs custom solutions that are precisely tailored to your unique business needs, be it a feature-rich gym management system or an application for real-time game monitoring. We thoroughly collect project requirements and ensure the final product 100% matches your vision.

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Web Development

SoftTeco enables businesses to provide user-centric and valuable experiences to its customers via robust and user-friendly web solutions, such as websites and portals. We can also optimize your existing web solution so it corresponds to user needs.

Sports Software Development
Sports Software Development

Mobile Development

SoftTeco develops native and cross-platform mobile applications that can help extend your digital presence and deliver unique and memorable experiences to your users. By using the most advanced technologies, we create apps that users love.

Sports Software Development

Optimization and Modernization

If you have a legacy solution that is underperforming or does not meet your users’ needs anymore, SoftTeco will gladly help you. We offer optimization and modernization services that include code and infrastructure review, redesign, and performance optimization.


Quality Assurance

To ensure that your application is secured against potential threats and performs in full corresponded with quality requirements and industry standards, we offer QA services. We perform manual and automated testing and use a variety of tools for maximal results.

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Support and Maintenance

After your product is released, our work does not stop here. SoftTeco offers support and maintenance services aimed at timely identifying and eliminating any glitches as well as providing regular updates and patches. 


Innovative Technologies
that We Use 

BI and Data Analytics

AI and Machine Learning

Internet of Things

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Computer Vision

Benefits of Custom Sport App Development 

Get a competitive edge by integrating custom sports software development into your processes.


Enhanced athlete’s performance

Athletes can access specialized training programs, performance analysis tools, and personalized insights to improve their performance and achieve better results.


Integration with advanced technologies

Businesses can integrate emerging technologies such as AI, VR/AR, and wearables into their solution, enhancing training strategies and user engagement.


Fan engagement

Customized solutions can incorporate unique features that enhance fan engagement.


Streamlined clubs operations

By incorporating custom management solutions, scheduling tools, and analytics platforms, clubs and organizations can improve their efficiency.


Improved health and well-being

By monitoring regular physical activity, fitness solutions improve mental and physical athlete health, fitness, and reduce chronic disease risk.


Revenue optimization

Businesses can enhance revenue through automated billing, class reservations, and targeted marketing based on athlete preferences.

Sports Project Portfolio



An e-learning platform dedicated to European football

  • Web
supersapiens portfolio


Energy Management System for Athletes

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web

Hire Our Sports App Developers 

With over 15+ years of experience in the industry, SoftTeco is well-versed in innovative solutions. During this time, we have successfully completed a number of projects globally and delivered a diverse range of software solutions for fitness clubs and organizations. 

Our highly skilled developers are willing to take on tasks of any complexity and create an application from scratch or enhance existing software. Moreover, you can choose a few developers to complement your in-house team or hire an entire team to effectively manage your sports software development process.

Why Choose SoftTeco?

Over 15 years of experience in sports app development
500+ highly experienced developers
Have gained 200+ partners’ trust
Project delivery on-time
Salesforce official partner
AWS official partner
Quality and security ensured by ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certifications
A transparent and personalized approach

Our Clients’ Testimonials

Mika Saryan

SoftTeco is always able to find necessary resources very quickly; whether for short term project or longer term engagement, they seem to have access to a broad set of talent. All resources from SoftTeco are really dedicated to project success and often go above and beyond to reach the goal. They take pride in their work and are always proactive in surfacing improvements to the code. SoftTeco's team communication skills are very strong. They integrated really well with our team and were able to adjust working hours to allow for longer overlap with US engineers.


How long will it take to build sports software?

At SoftTeco, we understand that each project is unique, so there is no set timeline. Sports software development scope can vary greatly based on many factors, such as features, tech stack, customization, team size and expertise, and clients’ needs. As for us, we work closely with clients and their in-house teams (if needed) to establish clear objectives, schedules, and deadlines to deliver a high-quality project on time.

What types of sports software development do you offer?

SoftTeco offers a wide range of sports software to meet the specific needs of organizations. Our solutions include but are not limited to, fitness tracker solutions, fitness management web platforms, real-time score tracking solutions, ticket booking platforms, and eSports solutions. We take on projects of any complexity, whether creating a solution from scratch or improving ones; we are glad to help customers realize their visions.

Our rich expertise and experience in custom software sports development enable us to provide future-proof solutions to various businesses.

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