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Angular Development Services

Take your front-end development to the next level with SoftTeco – a well-recognized Angular development company! We use the power of Angular to create interactive and dynamic apps that follow the highest industry standards and run perfectly on both web and mobile.

Choose Your Angular Development Service

Custom Software Development

If you need a custom Angular solution, our team is ready to help you with its development, starting from consulting and going through the full development cycle in order to deliver the requested software product.

Web Application Development

SoftTeco develops high-performing and user-centric web applications that bring ultimate value to end-users and serve as a helpful asset for businesses.

Progressive Web Applications Development

We use Angular to build effective PWAs that can effortlessly run on all needed devices from a single codebase thus cutting down your development time and costs.

Single Page Application Development

SoftTeco designs powerful and dynamic SPAs to bring end users the ultimate user experience while retaining high performance of the app.

Ecommerce Development

Take your ecommerce business to the next level with an interactive and user-friendly application powered by Angular.

Plugin Development

If you need a specific plugin for your software, SoftTeco can offer you Angular plugin development for maximal efficiency and performance.

Empower your business with a dynamic and feature-rich Angular app designed by SoftTeco. With rich experience in Angular development, we create stunning applications and website that bring tangible value to our clients.

Why Choose Angular For Your Software Project?

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With flexibility being one of the core Angular features, this language works perfectly across various platforms, thus making Angular apps highly versatile.

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MEAN tech stack

The MEAN stack includes MongoDB (database), Express (backend), Angular (frontend) and Node.js. and is known for its high flexibility and efficiency.

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Performance & Speed

AngularJS is known to be one of the fastest and top-performing languages for front-end development, thus being the top choice among software engineers. 

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MVC Design

The Model-view-controller development pattern is one of the most common choices when one needs an efficient and parallel development workflow. The Angular architecture supports the MVC design and thus contributes to faster development.

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Short-Term Support

Angular boasts a very strong support and a high frequency of updates. Thus, this language is very stable and is perfect for both short-term and long-term projects.

Angular vs AngularJS

At SoftTeco, we always strive to use the latest technologies in order to deliver high-performing and secure software. When it comes to frontend development, Angular is one of our preferred choices due to its speed and performance. Hence, we offer various Angular development services to cover all your possible business needs. However, we understand that sometimes you need to optimize your legacy software written in AngularJS – and we have just the right skills and knowledge to work with this language.

Why SoftTeco?

Solid security
Quick delivery
Rich experience in the IT industry
Pitch-perfect UX/UI
Fast response time

What our clients say

Gagan Chaudhari

I would like to thank SoftTeco for the exceptional quality of services and for their impressive dedication to work. The product perfectly matches our vision and I would definitely work with them again.

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