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Retail Software Development

Attract new customers, create a seamless omnichannel experience, and handle your in-store operations in an automated manner with SoftTeco’s retail software development services.

Retail Software Development Services by SoftTeco

Custom Retail Software Development

SoftTeco develops unique retail software solutions for both brick and mortar and ecommerce stores, bringing a competitive edge to every retail business through the power of digitization. Whether you need a sophisticated ERP system or a reliable back office solution, we are on it.

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Ecommerce Store Setup

Our team can set up, migrate, or optimize your ecommerce store in full accordance with your customers’ and business needs. We work with both Magento and Shopify and know how to customize the retail platform of choice to 100% communicate your brand and vision.


Data Analytics

Learn about the existing bottlenecks, discover opportunities, and get to know your customers better with our extensive data analytics services. From data visualization to developing complex BI tools, we help retail businesses use the power of their data to build solid growth strategies. 

Data Science
Data Science

In-store Automation

Create a connected digital environment with IoT beacons, smart sensors, digital signage, and mobile apps and provide a unique experience to your customers. With the automation of in-store processes, you will greatly leverage both efficiency and quality of retail operations.

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Expand your digital presence and deliver one of a kind experiences to your customers with innovative software solutions, created by well-versed tech experts from SoftTeco.

Our Custom Retail Software Development Solutions

ERP and POS Systems

As an experienced retail software development company, SoftTeco develops enterprise resource planning (ERP) and point of sale (POS) systems to help retail businesses more effectively process their operations and manage resources. We create custom software solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing digital system.

Corporate Portals

Facilitate communication between your employees and business partners via a feature-rich corporate portal. Designed specifically for your business, a portal serves as a valuable digital asset and a secure point of contact between the authorized users.

Marketing Automation

SoftTeco offers feature-rich software solutions aimed at augmenting your marketing efforts and delivering relevant offers to your customers at the right time and via the right channel. From ML-powered chatbots to automating your daily processes, we make retail marketing easier. 

CRM Systems

Manage your customers efficiently and provide them with highly personalized offers with the help of a custom CRM system delivered by SoftTeco. We will equip your CRM with all needed features and will ensure it integrates perfectly with all needed applications. 

Data Management Systems

Extract the value of your data and use it to speed up the growth of your business. SoftTeco offers the development of custom data management systems that help businesses manage their data in a centralized manner and gain meaningful insights from it.

Mobile App Development

With an extensive experience in mobile app development, SoftTeco can create a unique mobile solution for your business. Whether you need to connect with the customers or require a robust corporate application, we will bring your idea into action and will create a unique software solution.

Create a Safe Environment for Your Customers

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly transformed the retail industry, and store owners need to deliver both seamless online experiences and create safe environments in their physical stores. SoftTeco offers an array of software solutions to help you establish a safe and enjoyable shopping experience in your brick and mortar store.

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AR/VR for Virtual Try-Ons

Create an online fitting room or enable your shoppers to virtually try on your products with the help of AR/VR technology. 

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Self-Service Solutions

SoftTeco offers a variety of self-service solutions, such as kiosks, digital signage, and self-checkout to facilitate and optimize the shopping experience.

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ML-Powered Monitoring

Use the power of computer vision to detect foot traffic, analyze user behavior, and manage your customers more effectively.

Innovative Technologies That We Use 

BI & Data Analytics


AI & Machine Learning


Computer Vision


Augmented & Virtual reality


Internet of Things

Retail Software Development
Retail Software Development

Why Choose SoftTeco as Your Retail Software Development Company?

Rich experience in the IT industry
Pitch-perfect UX/UI
Solid security
Quick delivery
Fast response time

What our clients say

John McNair

SoftTeco continues to be a true partner. Responsive account management providing highly skilled engineers. Highly recommended.

Benefits of Custom Retail
Software Development

The advancement of technology fuels the transformation of customers’ experience and demands. Add a competitive edge to your retail business with the benefits that custom retail software development brings:


Increase customer engagement

Engage customers through interactive and immersive software solutions and stand out from the competition.


Boost sales

Deploy user-centric payment solutions, provide personalized offers, and improve your customer service in order to boost your revenue. 


Predict customer demand

Use the power of Artificial Intelligence to build accurate forecasts on future demand and adjust your strategy accordingly.


Provide an omnichannel experience

Interact with your customers through all available touchpoints and offer them a seamless shopping experience.


Automate inventory control

Improve your inventory management and cut operational costs with automation and accurate inventory monitoring.


Provide personalization

Learn everything about your customers with big data analytics and provide them with highly relevant products and services.


Bring your customers closer

Offer unique shopping experiences, provide personalization, and impeccable service to bring your customers closer.

Featured Projects

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Food Delivery Service for small business

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A web portal for international watchmaking conglomerate

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Do I have to hire a whole team to develop my software solution?

No, you can also hire a single developer or several developers, depending on your needs. SoftTeco offers flexible engagement models that include outstaffing, dedicated team, and full IT outsourcing. In this way, you can cover all skill gaps or hire a whole team to fully manage your retail software development process. You can also scale the team up and down, if needed.

Can you optimize my legacy retail software?

Yes, in addition to software development for retail, SoftTeco provides optimization services that include performance optimization, addition of new features and functionality, architecture redesign, and many more. We will perform an analysis to identify all current bottlenecks and will propose the most suitable solution. We can also integrate your software solution with all needed systems to create a holistic digital environment.

What ecommerce platforms do you work with?

At SoftTeco, we are proficient in different ecommerce platforms, but we mostly work with Magento and Shopify. Note that these platforms are quite different in terms of available functionality, design templates, and customization options, so if you hesitate to choose between the two, we can gladly consult you on the best choice.

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