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UX Design Services

SoftTeco specializes in creating a user-centered UX design to draw users at every stage of a meaningful customer journey.

SoftTeco’s UX Services

With over 15 years of experience, SoftTeco offers a wide range of UX Design Services tailored to each client’s individual needs. Our dedicated UX professionals constantly keep an eye on the most in-demand UX trends and put users at the center of processes to create memorable experiences. Get a tailored solution that your users will love with SoftTeco’s UX design experts.

Design from scratch
UX Consulting
Mobile UX Design
Cross-platform UX design
Web UX Design
UX CRM Design

Design from scratch

During the design process from scratch, SoftTeco’s designers follow a user-centric approach to create an intuitive, useful, and memorable experience. Through our expertise, we provide extensive research and analysis, rely on the most effective practices and tools, and communicate closely with stakeholders to ensure the long-term success of a project.


If your product is underperforming, has low conversion and retention rates, or does not attract a sufficient number of users, it might be time for a redesign. With SoftTeco’s Redesign Service, you can update or modify the existing design to fulfill your requirements. Our approach enables businesses to optimize user experience and eliminate issues such as bounce rates and page dwell times.

UX Consulting

SoftTeco’s UX consulting services will help you uncover hidden issues in a product to improve overall usability and reduce current costs. Our rich expertise in software usability design allows us to offer effective methods, tools, and in-depth analysis in order for businesses to make data-driven decisions for various types of designs.

Mobile UX Design

When creating user experience for a mobile app, it is essential to balance standards with individuality. Mobile design must be extremely easy to use and eye-catching at the same time. Our professional designers combine the creation of spot-on designs compatible with iOS and Android style guides to keep users coming back.

Cross-platform UX design

Focusing on the core principles of UX design and functionality, our service delivers a responsive design that runs smoothly on multiple platforms, devices, and operating systems. We adapt elements to different screen sizes, use consistent design structure and ensure accessibility for a seamless experience.

Web UX Design

An organized and coherent website can generate more leads. With SoftTeco’s Web UX Design Service, you will obtain interactive web pages with easy navigation and adaptability to any browser, size, and device. Moreover, we provide rich SEO expertise for qualified traffic growth. Whatever the purpose of your website is, with SoftTeco, you’ll build customer trust and increase sales.

UX CRM Design

CRM systems that are slow and difficult to use lead to low user adoption. Our designers deliver seamless and responsive online experiences that enable businesses to gain a 360-degree view of their clients and optimize sales. With a UX-focused CRM solution, you will boost revenue and have an even more significant impact on customer purchase decisions in the future.

Industries that We Work With


SoftTeco’s UX Design Process

We aim to create an appropriate design step-by-step to ensure client satisfaction and to match your brand style. Here is our UX design workflow:

Requirements collection  

Our team determines the project’s goal with stakeholders based on their business, design, and technical requirements


We conduct extensive research to achieve the best analytics outcomes: user research, market research, competitive research, and product research

Detailed Analysis

We collect, analyze, and determine potential user behavior patterns. Our in-depth analysis of the UX process includes creating user personas, user stories, and storyboards

Information Architecture

Our UX team provides Information Architecture (IA) to create website maps and structure content elements. Thus, you get smooth navigation through a product and enhance user experience

Sketching & Wireframing

SoftTeco’s UX designers create sketches and wireframes to visualize the basic structure of a product page: the main elements and how they fit together. Our UX experts use them to build mockups and prototypes to present a final product to clients


Our UX design team converts wireframes and mockups into low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes that allow stakeholders to visualize how a final product will look and function

Usability Testing

During usability testing, our UX professionals determine a system’s existing and potential usability issues and obtain qualitative and quantitative data on the user experience. Designer teams test ideas internally and share prototypes with stakeholders for feedback

Enjoy bringing your idea to life with our professional UX design team, motivated to do exceptional user experience for your business.

What makes SoftTeco’s User Experience Design Services stand out?

+15 years of experience in UX Design 

2X less time spent on UI design development

Use UX design metrics to measure design success

Work with diverse brands across different industries

Unlimited revisions and a full-fledged market launch

Featured Projects

supersapiens portfolio


Energy Management System for Athletes

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web
meek-a-moo portfolio


Interactive educational game for children

  • iOS
  • Android

What our clients say

Gagan Chaudhari

Their iOS development skills are really good. The app works and looks great and I am very happy with the support the team was able to provide post launch.


What does UX design mean?

User experience (UX) design focuses on creating meaningful user experience during user interaction with a product or a service. The UX design process is based on users’ feelings and emotions involving many aspects – usable, useful, accessible, and functional. UX design helps to improve end-user satisfaction and loyalty through smooth navigation and product functionality. By using SoftTeco’s UX design as a service, both clients and users will benefit from a great user experience.

What is UI/UX design?

User experience (UX) design aims to provide a meaningful user experience when interacting with a product or a service. UX design improves user feelings and emotions by improving product functionality and accessibility. In contrast, UI design refers to creating the user interface of software. UI design builds a brand identity by focusing on appearance, buttons, widgets, text, images, and other interactive elements.

Why is UX design important?

A product’s success heavily depends on its design. By providing users with a user-friendly design, businesses can satisfy users’ needs, expectations, and demands, hence increasing conversion rates. Moreover, companies that invest in UX design services gain many other benefits: higher customer loyalty, more effective marketing, sustained sales, and a competitive edge. Thus, a well-developed UX design creates a meaningful user experience for every user and ultimately attracts new customers.

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