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Cyber Security Services

Manage risks and safeguard your business with advanced cyber security services provided by an international IT vendor. With over 15 years of experience, SoftTeco helps businesses create trusted environments with high resilience to potential threats. 

IT Security Services
by SoftTeco

Any conscious organization should strive to protect not only its own assets, but also its customers and their sensitive data. Even the smallest flaw in a digital environment can lead to dire consequences, such as a data breach. 

SoftTeco offers extensive cyber security services to safeguard your organization from potential threats and to help it comply with all needed regulations (HIPAA, SOC 2, CMMC). From 360-degree analysis to threat remediation and prevention, SoftTeco will manage all aspects of cybersecurity for your company without disrupting its performance.

Cyber Security Services That SoftTeco Offers

Managed Security Services

SoftTeco can fully safeguard your business by providing an outsourced team of experts. Our managed cyber security services can help you establish a continuous improvement process while also resolving existing issues. 

  • Managed threat detection and response
  • Managed cloud security
  • Vulnerability management
  • Design of security infrastructure

Application Protection

Web and mobile applications process massive amounts of sensitive data on a regular basis. To safeguard your company and your clients, SoftTeco offers multiple services aimed at establishing effective protection against possible threats.

  • Continuous code review
  • Mobile device management
  • Management of cloud applications
  • Data encryption

Network Protection

SoftTeco offers corporate network security services to minimize the possibility of a threat and to keep your organization well-protected against malicious agents. We know how to minimize intrusion risks and augment your internal line of defense.

  • Firewall protection
  • DDoS protection
  • Email management
  • Security controls implementation

Security Assessment

We provide consulting and assessment services to better understand your cybersecurity landscape and offer a corresponding strategy. We will thoroughly test your system and network to identify areas of improvement.

  • Infrastructure audit
  • Penetration testing
  • Stress testing
  • Environment assessment 

Safeguard your business

Do not leave a single issue unattended when it comes to cybersecurity. Partner with SoftTeco to create a safe environment for your employees and clients through an elaborate security strategy. 

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Managed Security Services

SoftTeco offers the design of a comprehensive security and risk management strategy that you will be able to use in the long run. With managed cyber security services, you get 24/7 monitoring and immediate response to any detected threat or vulnerability.


On-demand Security Services

If you have an urgent issue or simply need an assistance from a third-party provider, SoftTeco is ready to help. You can request one-time IT security services from our team, that will quickly analyze your IT environment and will propose the best-fitting solution. 

Why Choose SoftTeco as Your Cyber Security Solutions Provider?

Solid security
Quick delivery
Rich experience in the IT industry
Pitch-perfect UX/UI
Fast response time

What our clients say

Gagan Chaudhari

I’d like to thank the development team for their exceptional skills and knowledge due to which we successfully launched the app and now receive largely positive feedback from our users.

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