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White Label Application
for IoT Device Management

Tap into easy and secure management of your IoT devices with SoftTeco’s white label cross-platform mobile solution.

SoftTeco offers a white label cross-platform mobile application that runs seamlessly on both iOS and Android and helps your end-users, employees and partners easily connect to and manage your IoT devices. 

Enjoy the business benefits of our 100% customizable solution and publish it to Google Play & App Store in a few weeks, not months.

White Label Application
for IoT Device Management

How It Works



Establish a quick and reliable connection with your IoT devices.




Tailor the application to the unique requirements of your project.




Bring your app to Google Play and App Store in just a few weeks.


Benefits of SoftTeco’s White Label App for IoT

Rapid Launch

SoftTeco provides you with a full-featured mobile solution that requires only a few weeks to be customized and connected to your IoT devices. This approach grants incredibly short time-to-market and saves you 80% of development time and costs.

Full Control

Our white label application does not depend on any third-party No-Code or Low-Code providers, thus granting you full control over its source code and the data that it collects and stores. Thus, you can ensure a high level of security and implement any changes exactly when you need to.

Security & Compliance

We develop all our software products with security and regulatory compliance in mind. Our white label mobile application is based on OWASP best practices to ensure its tight security and corresponds to HIPAA and GDPR regulations regarding data protection and access.

Quick POC Development

If you are kick-starting your IoT startup and need to present your project to stakeholders, our app provides quick Proof of Concept development. With reduced development time and costs, you can quickly validate your idea and its market value.

Domain variety

Our white-label app is a universal solution that can be used across various industries: healthcare, industry 4.0, energy, transportation, fintech, logistics, etc. Just tell us how you need to customize the app and we will tailor it to industry-specific requirements.

Scalability & Flexibility

SoftTeco offers seamless app scaling upon your request, so it aligns with the development of your business and effectively handles the growing load. We also offer extensive customization options to fully adhere the application to your unique brand.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

Whether you are just planning to start an IoT MVP project or already have a stable IoT infrastructure and want to facilitate and optimize its management, we can help. Contact us to learn more about the solution and about the ways SoftTeco can help you with its customization and support.

Out-of-the-box Features

Full-fledged Mobile Application

A ready app with customizable source code and with multiple options for modification from our side.

Branding & Publishing

You will be able to easily publish the branded app in App Store and Google Play under your name.

Device Discovery
& Pairing

Device discovery and pairing feature for easy IoT devices discovery and seamless connectivity.

Secure User Authentication

Secure user authentication helps ensure that only authorized users can access and control your IoT devices.

Data Visualization

The app visualizes the data collected by IoT devices in a chronological timeline form view and through various visualization formats.

Regulatory compliance

HIPAA-compliant data storage and adherence to OWASP best practices for unparalleled data security

Multi-device support

Multi-device support enables easy access from several devices and seamless and secure data synchronization.

Offline mode

Offline mode provides uninterrupted app operation without Internet connection and provides automatic synchronization upon connection restoration

Full-fledged backend

Full-fledged backend comes with the source code that you can deploy on a public cloud or your private server.

Advanced reporting

The app performs detailed data analysis upon the request and provides clear and informative reports

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