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SoftTeco offers Objective-C development services to meet global clients’ needs and keep up with the requirements of the iOS market. Whether you need to rewrite legacy applications or build custom and robust iOS software compatible with a wide range of devices, trust us to get it right.

Why Choose SoftTeco’s Objective-C Development Services?

React Native is a powerful solution that brings native-like look and feel to cross-platform applications and enables developers to write a single code that can be run on multiple platforms. This framework is a perfect choice for those organizations looking for a mix between quality and cost-efficiency, and SoftTeco is here to deliver the requested solution exactly how you need it. Be it app development, migration, or design, our experienced team of mobile developers will handle the challenge flawlessly.

Objective-C Development Services That We Offer

Custom iOS Software Development

As a customer-focused company, SoftTeco delivers high-quality bespoke iOS applications and OS X software customized for each client. Our developers will guide you through all steps of iOS development, from testing to post-support, ensuring the desired results.

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Mobile App Development

SoftTeco offers Objective-C app development services to create apps that run smoothly on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, adhering to clients’ needs. Our skilled developers build highly dynamic and intuitive apps that are suitable for businesses of all sizes.

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Enterprise Application Deployment

Businesses can rely on SoftTeco to build highly secure and reliable enterprise iOS applications to meet their unique needs. Our developers build industry-specific iOS apps to streamline internal operations and improve multi-user accessibility.

Data Science
Data Science


If you want to migrate your Objective-C codebase to Swift or other platforms, SoftTeco will assist you with that. By utilizing our qualified developers, we can ensure a seamless and hassle-free migration process while helping to modernize your applications.

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QA Testing

With our QA testing service, we can ensure your software is fully tested and ready to be deployed on time. Our QA specialists perform in-depth testing to ensure your iOS software is secure, reliable, and high-quality, with excellent user experience.

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Maintenance & Support

If you need to update your software or ensure it is running flawlessly, let SoftTeco assist you. Our long-term support and maintenance service will analyze your system and update or troubleshoot it to keep your software performance high over time.

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If you are looking for a dependable way to maintain or migrate your legacy applications written in Objective-C, count on SoftTeco to guarantee that all your business needs are fully met.

Benefits of Objective-C


The language is highly compatible with C, C++ libraries, and the latest XCode versions, which enables developers to maintain and update apps with less effort and time.

Function-rich libraries

There is a sizable collection of libraries with many built-in features that make development easier.

Easier private API usage

If you need a specific custom solution for your product, Objective-C is easier to connect with private APIs without consuming many internal IT resources.


Objective-C has been used for decades and has a mature ecosystem, so it is highly reliable. Thus, developers build stable iOS apps without investing much time and money in migration.

Support for older versions

Unlike Swift, this language supports older versions of iOS and macOS, which increases versatility of apps.

Hire SoftTeco’s Objective-C Developers

Relying on our Objective-C development services, you will get a skilled team of iOS developers ready to work on projects of any complexity and size. With over 15+ years of experience, we have developed a wide range of iOS solutions for customers worldwide. To ensure we’re on the same page with our clients, our developers follow a transparent iOS development process.

Our developers have rich expertise in Objective-C environments, libraries, and tools that allow them to create profoundly adaptable and robust applications that run on multiple iOS platforms or rewrite software in Swift. Our dedicated and skilled developers will ensure your iOS project development is done on time, professionally, and with high quality.

Featured projects

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Advanced solution for baby monitoring and activity tracking

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web
RoadLab portfolio


Autonomous Road Roughness Measuring app for World Bank

  • iOS
  • Android

Why SoftTeco?

  • Over 15 years of experience in developing iOS software
  • Project delivery on-time
  • + 500 experienced developers
  • A transparent and personalized approach
  • Have gained the trust of +300 partners
  • In-depth QA testing prior to go-live

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