Healthcare Software Development Services

Tap into better patient care and optimization of your daily processes with SoftTeco – a trusted custom healthcare software development company. We design state-of-art solutions for healthcare organizations and end users and always keep focus on security and performance.

Our Custom Healthcare Software Development Services 


SoftTeco can help you determine the most optimal software solution for your medical organization by conducting a thorough analysis of available resources and of your business goals.

Healthcare Software Development

We develop high-performing and secure software solutions in full correspondence with the industry best practices, so you bring maximum value to your organization and your patients.

Legacy Healthcare Software Optimization

SoftTeco can revamp your legacy software to boost its performance and security. If needed, we offer cloud migration and will take care of all needed integrations.

Healthcare Software Integration

Augment your existing software with innovative technologies and let SoftTeco take care of the integration process. We will ensure that all your systems work smoothly and in unison.

We Provide Healthcare Software Development Services For:

Healthcare Software Development Services

Healthcare Organizations

Our medical software development company offers a variety of healthcare software development services to help healthcare providers optimize their processes and implement better patient care.

Healthcare Software Development Services

Pharmaceutical Companies

SoftTeco’s use of innovative technologies allows pharmaceutical companies to better manage their drug development, clinical trials, and production processes.  

Healthcare Software Development Services

Medical Device Manufacturers

We can augment your patient and hospital-grade medical devices by deploying innovative technologies and introducing embedded systems to your existing software.

Healthcare Software Development Services

Biotech Companies

SoftTeco offers its experience and knowledge to biotechnology companies to empower their current processes and software and benefit from cutting-edge solutions.

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Your next-gen healthcare software is waiting for you. Let us know what you need and we will take care of putting your idea into action.

Healthcare Software Solutions That We Offer

SoftTeco offers a variety of healthcare software solutions for both medical professionals and patients. We design every solution with great care and always focus on security being our top priority during the development process.

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EMR/EHR Software

SoftTeco designs EMR and EHR software to help healthcare facilities manage patient records in a more efficient manner and increase transparency and interoperability across the departments. 

Full patient history, including prescriptions
Patient data collection from various sources
Automatic reminders and appointment scheduling
Smooth data transfer between EHR systems

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We develop mobile healthcare applications and mobile versions of your existing software to bring your patients closer and assist your personnel with their daily operations.

Remote patient monitoring and consulting
Appointments management and scheduling
Integration with needed third-party systems
Customizable reminders and alerts

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Healthcare CRM Platforms

SoftTeco designs high-performing CRM systems to help you better manage your interactions with patients, vendors, suppliers, and employees.

Automation of sales and marketing processes
Improved task management and collaboration
Advanced reporting and analytics
Better document management

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Patient-Centered Software

We create user-centric software solutions to bring your patients closer and enable them to receive needed medical services in a user-centric and reliable manner.

Telemedicine applications
Patient portals with real-time communication
Wellness and lifestyle applications
Disease management and monitoring

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Medical Imaging and Laboratory Software

We use advanced technologies such as computer vision and Artificial Intelligence to augment your processes and bring more accuracy and clarity to them.

Medical image analysis
In Vitro diagnostics
Management of lab processes
Management of medical images

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Hospital Management Software

SoftTeco helps hospitals create a robust IT ecosystem by incorporating advanced technologies into existing software and updating legacy systems for better performance and security.

Advanced supply chain management
Inventory, asset, and medication management
Billing and document management
Smart resource planning

Innovative Technologies That SoftTeco Deploys

Our Healthcare Software Development Process



The discovery phase is a crucial foundation in software development. It aims to understand the end-user, clarify project goals, and identify risks. At SoftTeco, we prioritize this phase by conducting comprehensive client interviews to gain deep insights into their needs, objectives, and expectations.


Planning and Requirements Collection

Our next step towards creating great healthcare software is careful planning and analysis of your project requirements. At this stage, we will define the project scope, analyze potential risk and develop a corresponding risk management strategy, and analyze the market to present you with the most competitive solution.


Architecture and Design

When working on the architecture of your solution, we always remain focused on scalability and reliability, as we want to ensure the product will be able to scale. As for design, our UX/UI team will create strong and attractive visuals to make your product appealing for target users.



Our design team can create low and high fidelity prototypes, so you can better understand how a product will look and function. We also offer MVP development that will allow you to test your idea with real users and collect their feedback for further improvements.



The development stage implies project delivery in full accordance with defined milestones and time estimates. During this stage, we can also perform all needed integrations, so the product works smoothly in conjunction with your existing software.



SoftTeco always performs continuous testing throughout the whole development process by using both automated and manual testing methods. In this way, we are able to detect any issues and vulnerabilities at an early stage and minimize errors during the product release. 


Support and Maintenance

SoftTeco offers support and maintenance as part of our medical software development services to help you manage the product after its launch. We offer employee training, end-user training, and product maintenance to make sure everything functions as intended.



SoftTeco designs its healthcare software solutions in full compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, known as HIPAA. This act aims at protecting sensitive patient information and requires obligatory compliance from all software products used and distributed in the US. To ensure HIPAA compliance, we follow security best practices that help us maintain the needed level of security of our software products.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the toughest privacy and security law worldwide and is aimed at data protection and privacy. To be GDPR-compliant, software companies need to ensure maximal security of the data that they process and store. SoftTeco effectively follows the needed security policies to maintain compliance with the act.


Since the HITECH Act promotes the meaningful use and deployment of health information technologies, SoftTeco follows the lead and assists healthcare facilities in effective and smooth adoption of digital innovations.

Why Choose SoftTeco as Your Healthcare Software Development Company?


High Level of Security

As an ISO 27001-certified company, SoftTeco prioritizes the security of our clients’ information and of all software products that we deliver. By following security best practices required by the industry, we make sure that our solutions meet all needed regulations.


Rich Experience

Being in the IT industry since 2008, our custom healthcare software development company has gained rich experience in delivering high-performing and scalable healthcare software. We offer unparalleled skills and expertise and always explore new technologies that we can use for our clients’ benefit.


Speed of Delivery

At SoftTeco, we set up all our processes in a highly organized manner to avoid downtime and to meet all defined deadlines. As a result, we combine high quality of our software development services for healthcare with high speed of delivery, thus always meeting and exceeding client expectations.



We offer various engagement and pricing models so our clients can select the most suitable option in accordance with their technical needs and budget. We also work by different development methodologies that we select based on your project needs.

What our clients say

Mika Saryan

SoftTeco is always able to find necessary resources very quickly; whether for short term project or longer term engagement, they seem to have access to a broad set of talent. All resources from SoftTeco are really dedicated to project success and often go above and beyond to reach the goal. They take pride in their work and are always proactive in surfacing improvements to the code. SoftTeco's team communication skills are very strong. They integrated really well with our team and were able to adjust working hours to allow for longer overlap with US engineers.

Featured Projects

smart mirror

Smart mirror

Innovative dental exam solution

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web
portfolio visitoraccess


Visitors management system for medical facilities

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web


How does SoftTeco ensure a high level of security?

Being ISO 27001-certified, SoftTeco has a robust information security management system in place. As well, we always follow the industry best practices on security and perform continuous testing throughout the development process to minimize the risk of errors and/or vulnerabilities.

Why should I opt for custom hospital software development?

While ready-made solutions are immediately available and are more-budget friendly, custom healthcare software offers more benefits in the long run. First, it can be easily customized and integrated with all needed third-party services (which ready-made solutions often can’t offer). Second, it’s highly scalable and can expand as the volume of your operations increases. Finally, with custom healthcare solution, you can always be sure about its security and quality as you are the one being in control of them.

Do you use AI and IoT in your healthcare software products?

Yes, SoftTeco uses the most innovative technologies, including (but not limited to) Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, to bring maximal value to our clients and add a competitive edge to their products.

What are the benefits of mobile healthcare apps?

Mobile healthcare applications are perfect for both medical professionals and patients, as they offer immediate and easy access to a number of services. Be it remote care or document management, a mobile app can significantly reduce the time and effort required for a certain task and makes many healthcare processes more accessible.

How long does it take to develop a custom healthcare application?

There is no definite answer to this question, as the price of the final product will be impacted by many factors: complexity of the solution, number of needed features, customization, number of requested integrations, skill level of software engineers, etc. We highly recommend contacting us for a consultation, so our specialists can provide you with an approximate estimation.

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