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Penetration Testing Services

Discover vulnerabilities at an early stage with SoftTeco’s penetration testing services and prevent cyberattacks by knowing your weak areas and timely securing them.

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, can be defined as a set of ethical hacking methods aimed at assessing the security of an organization and identifying existing vulnerabilities and their severity. It is important to state that ethical hacking is performed with an aim to learn about the system – not to steal the data or perform other malicious activities.

By requesting pen testing services, you can identify risk areas in your system and assess the potential harm that they might bring. At SoftTeco, we use three penetration testing methods:

Black Box Testing

White Box Testing

Grey Box Testing

We have zero knowledge of your internal system and explore what vulnerabilities can be exploited from outside your network. This is the fastest and cheapest method, great for simulating real-life attacks.


We get full access to your IT infrastructure and all of its elements with an aim to perform a thorough testing and analysis of all components. This method is the most time-consuming but allows digging deep into your system. 

Penetration Testing Services

We have some knowledge of your system and will perform a more detailed testing than in the black box scenario. This method combines black box and white box testing approaches and is a perfect happy medium.

Penetration Testing Services

Types of Penetration Testing Services That SoftTeco Provides

External Tests

Our team will simulate an attack on the assets that are visible to people outside your organization: apps, websites, etc. The main goal of an external pen attack is to test how prone your external assets are to a cyberattack.

Internal Tests

This pen testing type simulates an attack performed by someone within an organization – by a person who has access to internal assets. In this way, SoftTeco assesses the resilience of your system to internal threats and detects vulnerabilities within.

Discover what vulnerabilities might compromise your system and timely eliminate them with SoftTeco’s penetration testing services.

Discover the Range of Our Pen Test Services

To precisely pinpoint the existing vulnerabilities and accurately prioritize them, we target our pen testing services at specific parts of your system:

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Application Pen Testing

SoftTeco performs advanced pen testing for your web and mobile applications (i.e. website pen testing) that includes code review and thorough vulnerability scanning. Once we detect vulnerabilities, we analyze how exploitable they are and what harm they might bring.

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API Pen Testing

To ensure high security of your APIs, we apply pen testing to them and see how susceptible your APIs are to such vulnerabilities as disclosure of sensitive data, bypass of access controls, and API Mass Assignment.

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Wireless Pen Testing

SoftTeco tests your connections (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WLAN) to see how easily a threat agent can perform a malicious activity (like wireless sniffing or an evil twin attack) and what areas of your connections need to be secured.

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Remote Access Pen Testing

Our team will analyze the security of your remote work by performing pen testing for your cloud, firewalls, and VPN. In this way, we will be able to identify any security flaws and provide suggestions on augmenting the system against remote attackers.

SoftTeco’s Penetration Testing Process

To achieve maximal results and help you improve the state of your cybersecurity, we follow a rigorous pen testing process that consists of several steps:



Our team prepares for the upcoming pen testing by defining its scope and learning about the goals that you wish to achieve. We also discuss if you want to keep any areas of your system out of the testing scope.


Intelligence Gathering

During the reconnaissance stage, we gather information about the target system. Note that the gathered data will depend on the pen testing type (black box, white box, or gray box testing). We can also use either active or passive intelligence gathering.



Next, SoftTeco will model potential threats and the way they will be used on a target system. This stage also involves a scan for known vulnerabilities, which can be either automated or manual (note that the latter is more suitable for discovering new vulnerabilities).


Analysis of Vulnerabilities

After the discovery stage, we will analyze the detected vulnerabilities and the level of their severity. Note that the team will also perform modeled attacks that might uncover more hidden vulnerabilities that were not identified by the scan.


Performance of an Attack

SoftTeco will simulate an attack on your system according to the previously defined plan and will try to identify entry points and the assets that these entry points provide access to. In this way, we will be able to identify the weak areas that need improvement.



Once the pen testing is complete, our team will provide you with detailed reporting on the process and will list down discovered vulnerabilities and their levels of severity. We will also provide guidance on how to improve your security.

Why Choose SoftTeco as Your Penetration Testing Company?


Detailed Reporting

By partnering with SoftTeco, you will have all your security-related questions answered. We will provide detailed reports on performed penetration tests that will include information on all existing vulnerabilities, their impact on your system, and best ways to eliminate them.


Actionable Suggestions

Being in the IT industry since 2008, our penetration testing company is well-versed in cybersecurity and provides valuable and actionable recommendations on improving the state of your cybersecurity and eliminating the chances of attacks.


Saving of Costs

By timely identifying flaws in your system, you will be able to take preventive measures and prevent the possibility of an attack – which most often results in massive financial losses. In this way, you safeguard your organization and increase its reliability.

What our clients say

Pete Robbins

SoftTeco has demonstrated an exceptional level of expertise, commitment, and professionalism. Their approach to understanding our unique business needs has been meticulous, ensuring that the solutions they provide are not only tailored to our requirements but also consistently exceed our expectations. Their teams have displayed a remarkable proficiency in SDLC, providing us with top- notch talent and resources that have been pivotal to our success. SoftTeco’s staff members are not just technically skilled, but they also bring a level of enthusiasm and dedication that has greatly contributed to a positive and productive working environment.


How is pen testing different from vulnerability assessment?

Vulnerability assessment is aimed at identifying vulnerabilities and prioritizing them. Our  penetration testing services, in turn, is the performance of an “attack” on the system to discover all potential flaws and risk areas and see how they expose the system.

How long does it take to perform penetration testing?

On average, the process of pen testing itself takes between 2–8 days. However, do not forget about all related activities (setup of the testing environment, creation of reports, etc.) that will add up to the general duration of the process.

Can SoftTeco help me fix the detected security issues?

Sure! As a well-recognized IT provider, we offer various services, including Quality Assurance. These services include the elimination of detected issues and preventative measures aimed at minimizing the chances for a risk to occur.

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