Workhealth Application for Medical Facilities

Workhealth Application for Medical Facilities

In the light of COVID-19 pandemic, SoftTeco and Kanda Software developed a SaaS-like solution for monitoring the health state of the employees of medical facilities. The aim of the product is to help medical specialists timely identify any warning symptoms before starting their work shift and thus mitigate the spread of the disease.

The solution is freely distributed under the MIT license and is intended for use by hospitals and medical facilities worldwide. We hope our product will help many organizations keep their employees healthy. 

What is Workhealth?

Workhealth is a web and mobile application for iOS and Android platforms that helps medical specialists accurately monitor their health state. The app is intended for everyday use, specifically, before starting a work shift. 

The application has an easy interface and does not demand employee training or education. Therefore, it is suitable for any user.

How It Works

The application has an in-app survey with health-related questions. Upon launching the app, a user has to go through the survey and answer the questions. Based on the answers, the application will determine whether an employee is eligible for work in accordance with the described symptoms. 

In case the employee is allowed to go to work, they receive a personal one-day code that needs to be shared with the administrator or security guard upon arrival to work. The guard or the administrator will check the code validity in order to permit access to the workplace. The codes are generated on a daily basis so a user cannot use the same code for more than one day.

How can Workhealth benefit your organization?

Due to its free distribution and clear user interface, the Workhealth application can be introduced to all employees of your organization, regardless of age and work experience. The app can be successfully installed on any mobile device with modern OS (2010 and higher) which is an advantage, considering that the majority of people own at least one mobile device.

An option to complete a survey on a daily basis significantly minimizes the risk of the disease spread since any employee with warning symptoms will not be permitted for work by the system. In this way, the application will serve as a bridge between the medical facility employees and the administration, taking the responsibility of monitoring the employees’ health state and permitting them to work.

Technological Breakdown

Front-end and mobile: React / React Native, React Navigation, Redux, Redux-Persist.

Back-end: Express, Sequelize, Swagger, MySQL, LDAP, SAML, OAuth 2.0

Integration of Workhealth in your system

Because the application is designed by following SaaS principle, the integration needs to be performed as follows:

  1. The technical specialists need to access the repository on GitHub.
  2. Contact SoftTeco so our team can enter your organization in our database.
  3. Provide us with your LDAP URL so we can set it up for you. If you do not have LDAP, we can perform common integration (i.e. shifting the backend to your base).
  4. Once your organization is added to our database, we will send you the credentials for login. After login, you can start using the system.

SoftTeco will gladly assist you with the application’s installation and will consult you on any questions that occurred. We invite you to use the Workhealth application and offer our assistance at any stage of the application use process. For any questions, please contact us on [email protected].

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