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A web portal for international watchmaking conglomerate








  • Development of a new system from scratch
  • Unique design in correspondence to the parent website
  • Improved performance and responsiveness
  • Integration with third-party services for better functionality


Our client, Movado Group, is a watchmaking conglomerate that manufactures both the watches under its own label and watches for such brands as Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Concord. In addition to the website with the watch catalog, Movado had a system where the company’s clients could leave an online application for watch repair and maintenance.

The client approached SoftTeco with a request to update the system as it was too slow, lacked responsiveness and had an outdated design. The primary goal was to create a user-friendly web portal that would facilitate the process of leaving the request on the site and would provide the users with all the needed assistance and information.

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SoftTeco team worked on the system together with the client’s team. Everything was developed from scratch: the team from the client’s side took responsibility for the backend and SoftTeco worked on frontend and design.

As a result, the renewed system completely corresponds to the Movado website in terms of design and functionality. The portal helps clients to place a request for watch repair and maintenance in an easy and quick manner and use advanced filtering to find the exact watch model.

Tech Stack


Java EE




How it works

The main goal of the project was to make the system faster and more user-friendly. To achieve that, the SoftTeco team developed a single-page application that enabled faster loading. The Ajax queries through Restful API also contributed to better performance.

To make the system more user-friendly, we implemented several changes. The team integrated a library that searches through addresses and provides automated suggestions when the user fills in the billing address information. As well, we integrated the third-party payment system so the user can pay for the repair/maintenance services right on the spot. Other integrated third-party services include the order tracking system so the user can always see the state of the placed order.

movado-2 min

Another important feature that adds to the portal’s usability is the built-in calculator. When the user places a request for the watch repair or maintenance, the system automatically calculates both the service cost and the additional fees (i.e. discounts, shipping, taxes) and displays the total price to the user.


Working in close collaboration with the development team from the client’s side, SoftTeco helped the client renovate the system and significantly optimize its performance to correspond to the high-quality standards of the company. SoftTeco is proud to take part in creating such a complex and sophisticated product thus helping the brand enhance its online presence and provide clients with an efficient way of interaction with the company.

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