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A comprehensive broker web-platform








  • Integrated email module and synchronization with Outlook
  • Facilitated and optimized document management
  • In-app time and performance tracker
  • File manager plugin for easy document upload and sharing
  • Advanced permission system


A Swiss-based company came up with an idea to present an efficient digital solution to insurance brokers. Since the insurance market is very mature in the country, the client decided to fill the niche and design a convenient and comprehensive product that would comprise the key brokerage procedures such as document management and management of the clients’ database.

Due to rich functionality and a big number of the platform’s users, the initial product was underperforming and did not correspond to the client’s requirements. Therefore, the client requested SoftTeco to optimize the platform, make it more user-friendly, and add new features to it as well.



BrokerStar is a web application that facilitates and optimizes the brokers’ work processes with the help of integrated tools. The platform includes an email module, a built-in CRM system, a time and performance tracker, a marketing module for managing leads and campaigns, document storage, and file manager. Once the users pay for the annual subscription, they get full access to all the product’s features, existing and future ones. The provider offers online tutorials so users can better understand the platform and the best ways to work with it.

By using the platform, a broker can keep all the contacts, tasks and documents in one place and can immediately access any needed information with a few clicks. Emails can be synchronized with the user’s Outlook account for easier management of all the correspondence (both email and SMS messages).

One of the most important parts of the BrokerStar solution is the Policies module. In this module, users can store, manage, edit and share all the needed documents, such as agent’s commissions, claims, tenders, deviation messages, etc. Due to the great importance and sensitivity of these documents, the SoftTeco team ensured high security and reliability of the platform in order to protect the sensitive data that is shared across the users. Other modules include policy administration, damage management, brokerage/commission, bookkeeping, electronic data exchange.


Tech Stack




Symfony 4




How it works

As mentioned above, when the client approached us with the existing product, it was underperforming and did not correspond to the client’s needs and requirements. One of the first tasks that the team started with was updating the Symphony framework version with an aim to optimize the performance and speed it up. The team has also performed 360-degree testing that identified certain critical bugs that negatively affected the platform’s performance. Thus, the development team took care of debugging, alongside the database optimization and indexing as well as caching setup.

In order to fully satisfy the requirements of the client and the needs of the platform users, the team proposed adding new functionality to make the platform more user-friendly and comprehensive. Among the newly added features are integrated email module, the ability to create reports that are immediately generated to PDF format, a calendar and an advanced permissions management system. All these features are aimed at facilitating the broker’s work and keeping a massive amount of tasks and documents in one place in a well-organized and secure manner.


The user can easily navigate the product through an intuitive and user-friendly navigation bar on the left side of the application. The navigation bar contains all the mentioned modules and it can be either hidden or expanded in accordance with the user’s needs. The dashboard itself is similar to popular CRMs or task management systems in terms of layout and the operational principle so new users who are not familiar with the system will have no problem with understanding its functioning.

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SoftTeco significantly improved the performance of the existing platform and expanded its functionality so it better corresponds to the essential needs of the brokers. As an outcome, the users received a high-performing product that allows them better management of the contacts and tasks and hence, significantly improves the quality of their work.



A comprehensive broker web-platform


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