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A freelance marketplace to connect clients & local service providers






Saudi Arabia




  • Built-in notifications and live chat
  • Location identification to see requests from service seekers nearby
  • Request ranking system based on urgency
  • System of verified ratings
  • Instantly switching between user roles
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Our client, based in Saudi Arabia, was looking for an efficient way to connect customers with service providers. Taking into account the demand for various services in the area, the client needed an efficient and user-friendly solution that would allow finding the necessary service provider with a few taps only.

SoftTeco was requested to develop a product that would connect customers with local service providers, ensure smooth communication between them without any extra commission, and guarantee security of data and transactions. Thus, our team had to pay special attention not only to the functionality of the app but also to its security and data storage.


Using Swift and Kotlin, we developed a smart application with comprehensive functionality for both platforms. A customer can post a request and get price quotes from different service providers. To help the customer with making the right choice, profiles of service providers and reviews are available for revision. GPS function helps to find a freelancer in the adjacent area and allows to choose a prospect based on the placed preferences. The application is a handy tool for freelancers too, as it quickly allows finding a job along with receiving interesting requests without paying a fee.

Tech Stack

Android & iOS app




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The application was released on time, following the initial agreement with a client. SoftTeco is still working on the application’s modification and adding new features.

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