SoftTeco Discusses COVID-19 with the UNFPA and the UN Resident Coordinator Office

On March 29, SoftTeco’s CEO Alexey Shevchik participated in an expert briefing organized by the UNFPA and the UN Resident Coordinator Office. The briefing was dedicated to the COVID-19 and the necessary social-economic measures to be taken in order to mitigate the pandemic impact. 

During the meeting, Alexey spoke about SoftTeco’s “Volunteers in Action” application for the Red Cross organization. When the United Nations Population Fund of the Republic of Belarus asked SoftTeco to create an efficient technological solution to help elderly people during self-isolation, we immediately got down to work. At that time, the Red Cross organization started a volunteer activity on delivering food and medical supplies to elderly people so they can remain isolated and won’t need to go out. This was especially relevant for those people who lived alone or who had special needs.

SoftTeco Discusses COVID-19 with the UNFPA and the UN Resident Coordinator Office

SoftTeco developed a cross-platform feature-rich portal that works on all desktop browsers and mobile devices due to its adaptive web. The product offers easy registration to users and allows users to sign up an agreement with the Red Cross organization, complete training, and receive individual protection equipment. After completing the registration process, a volunteer receives information and instructions from their curator. A curator, in turn, can easily monitor and manage the volunteers’ work via the Admin Panel in real-time.

Our company is proud to make a contribution to the battle against the COVID-19 and we hope to collaborate with the Red Cross and the UNFPA organizations more in the future. At the end of the meeting, Alexey Shevchik expressed gratitude for the opportunity to make a difference and stated that the company will continue to follow its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

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