SoftTeco Has Developed an Application for Belorussian Red Cross

SoftTeco Has Developed an Application for Belorussian Red Cross

To help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and help the vulnerable population, SoftTeco has developed a “Volunteers in Action” web application for the Belorussian Red Cross and UNFPA free of charge. With the help of the application, the Red Cross organization can now more efficiently manage its volunteers and communicate with them in a more transparent manner.

The main idea behind the application was to create a product that would connect volunteers and coordinators and allow the latter access to real-time information about all volunteers. As for the volunteers, the application allows them to easily register in the Red Cross database and become a volunteer in just a few steps.

If a user wishes to become a volunteer, they need to register in the system and answer a short survey. Once this is done, a person is added to the database and the regional coordinator will be able to see them in the volunteers’ list. Coordinators are able to see all information that is relevant for task assignment: volunteers’ location, age, free time, availability of a car, etc. As well, coordinators can see the status of a volunteer: whether they are already occupied, signed up an agreement, or are free and waiting for a task.

One of the challenges that the SoftTeco team faced during the development was a tight deadline with narrow time frames. To speed up the release process and, at the same time, make the application accessible to everyone, the team selected the web type of the application. This allowed us to skip the approval process from Apple or Google stores and made the application suitable for any device or browser. To ensure smooth performance, the development team used Angular 9 framework, JavaScript, and Spring. 

SoftTeco is glad to partner with Red Cross and to support the activity of this organization with our technological solutions.

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