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An energy management system for athletes


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  • Real-time glucose data monitoring and processing
  • Immediate detection of glucose level changes and push notifications
  • Integration with biometric sensors via Bluetooth
  • Integration with external devices


A client who was interested in science and sports came up with an idea to create a professional application for athletes to track their glucose levels. Hence, the client team up with the in-house development team to create a website and a mobile application from scratch. This is how the client approached SoftTeco and our company gladly accepted the challenge.


Supersapiens is a mobile application (both on iOS and Android) that is linked to a biometric sensor. While the biosensor collects real-time data on one’s glucose levels, the application helps athletes measure and maintain the effectiveness of their nutrition during training and competition by monitoring their glucose. The app is also integrated with external systems such as Garmin, TrainingPeaks, and Apple Health. The product also has a user-friendly website that provides full information on the product to users.


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How it works

The SoftTeco and the client’s teams created a multifunctional website and high-performance iOS and Android mobile applications from scratch. We began with the Android development and soon started working on the iOS application. The application connects to the Abbott Libre Sense sports as well.

The application connects to the Abbott Libre Sense sports glucose biosensor via Bluetooth. The biosensor collects real-time measurements of one’s glucose levels and then displays them in the Supersapiens mobile app. With the help of the application, athletes can easily track and understand their glucose levels to avoid fatigue and know when to replenish their glucose to maintain peak performance.


Users can create and modify workout events in the app by using Event Analytics. They can also compare their workouts to the past results and monitor a zone of glucose efficiency over time. The application allows users to take a snapshot of glucose levels by scanning the biosensor. A Supersapiens Dashboard average glucose report helps users plan their meals based on the collected data, and use in-app messaging to share the data and reports with other users.

Together with the client’s team, SoftTeco also created a user-friendly Supersapiens website, which securely stores user data in accordance with global security standards. The website contains useful information about the integration of the app with external devices and offers an overview of the supported wearable devices. Users can select various monthly subscription plans that vary in the number of biosensors and performance patches (while the application can be downloaded for free).

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By working in close collaboration with the in-house team, SoftTeco delivered a highly functional mobile application and a web platform in full correspondence to the customer’s requirements. Our company continues working on extending the functionality of the application, website improvements, and the addition of new integrations.

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