The partnership of UNICEF and SoftTeco: UNICEF Volunteer Digital Platform

The United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF and SoftTeco collaborated on creating a robust web application that connects UNICEF and its volunteers. The main goal of the platform is to provide volunteers with an easy and secure way to sign up and participate in different activities. As for coordinators, the solution enables them to easily manage volunteers and promptly communicate with them.

SoftTeco has already worked on a similar solution when creating an application for the Red Cross Organization. So when UNICEF requested SoftTeco to participate in the project, our team used the well-established Angular 9 for the user interface and Java 14 Spring Framework for the server-side of the application. These technologies guarantee the smooth performance of the application and secure data processing and management.

The partnership of UNICEF and SoftTeco: UNICEF Volunteer Digital Platform

The application offers users a quick and easy registration. After registering, the users can create their personal profiles and get access to the upcoming UNICEF events to take part in. As for the coordinators, they can see personal information of users, create new events, and see who is taking part in specific events.

SoftTeco is glad to be part of this program and to contribute to developing the UNICEF network and helping the organization facilitate communication with its volunteers. 

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