Top 5 Open Source JavaScript Projects

Today, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. While it was originally used to developing client-side web pages and applications, thanks to its new frameworks it can now effectively develop server-side applications as well.

Due to its efficiency in handling scalable and real-time situations, it is being used to develop some of the most anticipated applications online.  To help you stay up to date with the vast amount of JavaScript projects, we’ve done the research for you to bring you the top 5 opensource JavaScript projects you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on.

Top 5 Open Source JavaScript Projects

1. Parcel

Parcel is a brand new web application bundler that drastically reduces the time it takes to bundle web applications. Using multicore compilation along with a file system cache, it delivers unrivaled performance while making it easier and simpler bundle applications. Hate managing configurations?

With Parcel, you’ll never have to worry about spending hours if not weeks of your time managing configurations. All you have to do is point it at the entry point of your application, and it’ll handle the rest on its own. Parcel designed to support JS, CSS, HTML, images, file assets, and more without having to rely on any plugins.

2. Vue.JS

If you’re looking for something to help you make truly impressive UI then Vue.JS is definitely worth your time. It’s designed to be incrementally adoptable making it exceptionally versatile and allowing it to work with other JavaScripts easily which opens doors for many more options to create amazing user interfaces. Thanks to its simple core and incrementally adoptable stack, it has proven exceptionally useful for developing simple applications that can be run directly through the browser.

3. React

Just like Vue.JS, React is another UI developer that allows you to create truly stunning pages and applications on the front end. What makes React different is that it relies on Components that are reusable, easy to implement and best of all can be used to create anything from an online application to a front end UI like Netflix, Dropbox and more! React is fast, simple and easy to implement which is why it has become a mainstream open source project anyone can use and support.

4. Rough.js

Currently, one of the most popular Github JavaScript projects, Rough.js lets you make graphics that look like hand-drawn sketches. While it may sound like a simple thing, the amount of work that’s been put into it to make it exceptionally special. You can create anything you want in code and Rough.js will convert it into a reasonably accurate representation of hand-drawn art that looks surprisingly authentic.

5. TensorFlow.js

TensorFlow.js is by far one of the best opensource JavaScript project of 2018 that’s gaining traction incredibly fast. Using TensorFlow.js you can build and train machine learning models in your browser and it also offers GPU acceleration support.

What makes it so special is the fact that you don’t need to install any libraries or drivers. Simply open your browser and you’ll be ready to make your model. If you already have a single or multiple pre-trained models, TensorFlow.js will convert it to be ready to use with your browser.

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