SoftTeco Opens Machine Learning and Data Science Department

SoftTeco is glad to announce the opening of its new Machine Learning and Data Science department. Due to the high demand for these technologies and the great potential behind Data Science across multiple industries, we aim to help our clients resolve critical data-related issues and help them create unique ML-powered solutions.

SoftTeco Opens Machine Learning and Data Science Department

SoftTeco’s ML and Data Science department was created through a team of five highly skilled Data specialists that have joined the company at the beginning of April 2021. As the department’s head, Alexander Gedranovich, states, “the newly created department will accumulate expertise on Big Data processing and the creation of analytical applications based on the data and modeling, starting from classic approaches and ending with applying the latest computer vision and natural language processing innovations.” SoftTeco will continue developing the new department’s capabilities by attracting top talent within the Belarusian, Ukrainian and Polish markets.

In the last few years, SoftTeco has significantly grown and expanded its geographical presence by opening new offices in Ukraine and Poland. And being a one-stop software provider, our company constantly strives to master new technologies and this was the reason for opening a new department. The addition of the Machine Learning and Data Science department is a logical step in the company’s development and we will do our best to provide the same high level of service within this domain as we do within the web and mobile development.

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