SoftTeco Colleagues Receive Professional Scrum Master I Certification

SoftTeco Colleagues Receive Professional Scrum Master I Certification

We are glad to announce that our colleagues – Leonid Tsylin, Maria Melnikova, Stas Kuzmich, and Andrei Sakovich – recently received a Professional Scrum Master™ I certification, issued by The certification serves as an indicator that a specialist displays a high level of Scrum mastery, has a solid understanding of Scrum methodology, and knows how to apply this knowledge to practice.

Scrum methodology is an efficient tool for managing Agile projects and the knowledge of Scrum can significantly elevate one’s processes and deliver tangible results both in the short and long run. We spoke to our colleagues about the benefits that this certification brought them, their future intentions towards project management, and ways how the certification improved their knowledge and skills.

What’s the practical benefit of this certification?

Stas: It proves that a certified person understands Scrum values and can successfully integrate them into projects. This is great because Scrum adds a whole new dimension to project management.

Leonid: First, this certification helps make sure that Scrum Masters view the process of project management in the same way. Since most of SoftTeco projects are managed by Scrum, it’s really important. Second, it serves as additional proof of quality for our clients as they know their projects are in safe hands.

Why did you decide to pass this certification?

Stas: I currently work as a Scrum Master on a project so I decided I want to improve the processes. And for that, I needed to improve my own knowledge.

Leonid: This certification is part of the educational process for project managers in SoftTeco. We need it to systematize and officially acknowledge those skills and knowledge that we daily implement into practice for many years. 

Can you give a few examples of the most useful things you’ve learned?

Stas: I understood how to properly run retrospectives, where to obtain the options for running a retrospective, and what stages it consists of. For me, these are some of the most important things that I needed to learn.

Leonid: We systematized knowledge and understanding of Scrum values, learned about different mechanics of running retrospectives – in other words, all useful things that we’ll apply into practice asap.

How will you change your work now that you’ve passed this certification?

Stas: Right now, I’m planning to integrate advice from the coach into the project and I will change the way I get ready for the meetings in adherence with obtained recommendations.

Leonid: Now that I’ve gained new knowledge and experience on Scrum, my goal #1 is to apply it to work on a daily basis.

Congratulations once again to our talented Scrum Masters! We are proud to have you on a team and thank you for helping SoftTeco maintain the established high standards of quality and efficiency.

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