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Language-focused educational game for toddlers


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  • A cross-platform app that runs on all iOS and Android devices
  • An option to download a premium app version with a QR code
  • English and Spanish languages available
  • Smooth intuitive navigation and high responsiveness


The client asked SoftTeco to develop an interactive educational game for children of 4+ years old. The game had to be highly enjoyable and colorful and bring value in terms of education. As well, the product had to have a highly responsive design as it was intended for the use on multiple devices and iOS and Android platforms.

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Our team took a well-known and beloved concept of a peek-a-boo game and turned it into an educational app that engages children and motivates them to explore all the game sections.

The app consists of two sections, “Learn” and “Play”. The “Learn” section is the Beginner’s mode and helps the children learn the names of the different animals. The “Play” section
is an Expert mode and challenges the player with more advanced tasks like connecting
the animal with its preferred habitat or food.

Every interaction with the game is supported by bright visuals and realistic animal sounds that help children better comprehend the process and learn faster. The QR code with access to the premium version of the game adds an element of gamification that can be used in marketing activities.

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Tech Stack




Flash MX


How it works

To make the application a cross-platform one, the SoftTeco development team used about 80% of the common code and used Cocos2dx as a framework of choice. These technologies significantly accelerated and facilitated the development process.

The team used the Branch.io framework to realize access to the premium version of the app via the QR code. The addition of a QR code lets the product owners take full advantage of gamification and serves as an additional way to discover and install the app.

Due to responsive design, the application performs equally well on both iOS and Android platforms on different devices. This helps cater to the broad audience and ensures seamless quality and great user experience. An interesting fact is that the 3D artist worked on the sketches for the game and this served as a base for the unique design.

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The app turned out to be a new fresh look at the popular peek-a-boo type of games. Due to innovative design, rich catalog of animals, and sound accompaniment, the gaming process guarantees education with a high level of interest which many parents already appreciated.

The app was successfully released and gained very positive feedback from the users. SoftTeco, in turn, is proud to be part of the team behind this game and we are looking forward to similar challenging projects in the future.

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