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An e-learning platform dedicated to European football


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  • Advanced management of educational resources
  • An informative dashboard with analytics of one’s learning path
  • A built-in engine for creating game schemes
  • An in-app share function and an in-app chat


The client is a Swedish company that launched an e-learning platform dedicated to European football. The platform is intended for everyone involved with this sport: players, coaches, clubs, directors. The main goal of the platform is to promote educational content in the sphere of football through mutual collaboration and contribution of coaches to the educational process. Throughout the years, the existing platform became outdated to administrate and use. Hence, the client requested SoftTeco’s team to revamp it as well as to work on its redesign.

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Gameinsight is a comprehensive e-learning platform that offers an array of educational materials and useful features. The platform has two separate interfaces: for coaches and for football players. Coaches can create and manage educational materials while players get full access to them. The platform includes such valuable features as session planners, exercise planners, squad management worksheets, training and periodization scheduler, scouting worksheets, downloadable player, coach resumes and recruitment planners. As well, the platform offers an option to create game schemes to visualize the intended game strategy. The game schemes are written in Paper.js so there are multiple ways to draw them. Schemes can later be exported to PDF for further printout.

A client who was interested in science and sports came up with an idea to create a professional application for athletes to track their glucose levels. Hence, the client team up with the in-house development team and to create a website and a mobile application from scratch. This is how the client approached SoftTeco and our company gladly accepted the challenge.


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Google Cloud Platform

How it works

The first thing that SoftTeco’s team did when starting work on the project was researching available custom design options and selecting the programming resources suitable for the client’s needs. We used OpenOlat as a base for administration processes (tests, courses integrations, user interactions) and selected the most suitable database structure. During the development process, our team fully adopted the selected solution to Google Cloud Platform.

For efficient platform management, the team created a file control system from scratch. The system contains the main folders required by the users: documents, videos, pictures, exercises and sessions. The file control system was later connected with Google Cloud Storage for easier use. SoftTeco also added several new features. They include the share function, an in-app chat, and export of files to the PDF format. The share function enables coaches to share playing schemes and other materials with players in order to enhance the educational process. The export to PDF allows to print created schemes so they can be used on a pitch where all coaching processes take place.


SoftTeco successfully updated and redesigned the digital platform aimed at the worldwide football community in full correspondence with the client’s requirements. Our team continues to support the platform and will gladly assist the client in the expansion of its functionality in the future.

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